Best VPN in India

There are a large number of VPNs available across the globe, so it can be difficult to find one that meets your needs. VPNs vary widely based on price, reliability, accessibility, features, etc. If you’ve found that you’re interested in the best VPN for India and are unsure where to start, keep reading to find the best VPN available in India. 

The Best VPN in India

While there are many VPNs available in India, they are not all of great quality. Weeding out of the lower-tier VPNs allows us to discover those that rise above. If you’re on the lookout for the best VPN options available in India, look no further. 



Surfshark is the best VPN service in India as it allows you to bypass any restrictions while surfing the free internet. It allows you to access any blocked or restricted sites, including social media. 

Surfshark allows you to view and access not only content in India, but worldwide. If you spend a lot of time online and are interested in content outside of India, Surfshark is ideal. Using Surfshark you can watch TV shows and movies from any country – you can browse Netflix from any country’s selection. 

Surfshark features local servers that are located in India, meaning you can browse worldwide quickly and efficiently. You can rest assured knowing you will not have to wait for loading or buffering times. However, if you don’t want to use a local server, Surfshark offers 3200+ other servers worldwide. 

They are a great option for those that love to stream movies and TV shows. Surfshark is well known for its vast streaming possibilities. 

You can try Surfshark with a 30-day money-back guarantee if you aren’t satisfied. While there are free VPNs available, you should act with caution as many free VPNs will make their profit by selling your information to outside sources. Paying a monthly fee ensures you are getting a top-rated and secure VPN to browse freely. 



NordVPN is another alternative to Surfshark to offer compatibility with Mac, Android, and more. NordVPN allows you to protect multiple devices to ensure you are always browsing safely. NordVPN promises a safe and fast connection wherever you are. 



IPVanish is a VPN started in the United States instead of India. The VPN, however, allows you to appear online in different areas. A VPN IP address may mask yours, hiding your identity. IPVanish is available in iOS, Windows, and more. 

Why Use a VPN in India?

There are a few reasons you may find it beneficial to use a VPN in India. Firstly, it can be safer. Using VPN in India leaves you untraceable to outside forces and ultimately makes your time online safer. Though safety is an important aspect of using the internet, there are other more serious reasons to use a VPN in India as well. 

There are censorship and data retention issues that make using a VPN in India nearly essential. If you live in India and value your autonomy, installing a VPN can help not only your safety but your rights as a human being. 


Installing and using a VPN can also be important for privacy reasons. Using a VPN ensures no one knows what exactly you are up to. Your activity and address themselves remain hidden from outside parties. If you value your privacy you may find that using a VPN helps you while online. 

When not using a VPN, third parties from social media, apps, websites, etc. that you visit can track and monitor your activity. Frequently, there are agreements that you buy into when you enter a site that allows these places access to your information and data. If you use a VPN, these sites and third parties cannot track and monitor your activity, ensuring you can keep your privacy. If they don’t know who is visiting the site, they cannot track their data. 

These third parties may harvest or sell your data and keep a record of your online activity. This, of course, is concerning and upsets many people. Data harvesting and saving users’ info has become a huge controversy amongst the most popular sites such as Instagram and Facebook. If you’re not consenting to a third party who has a list of your internet logs, you may want to invest in a VPN for your devices. 

Privacy goes hand in hand with autonomy as well. If you feel that you deserve to browse the internet freely and without scrutiny, a VPN is perfect for you. You deserve the right to your privacy and using a VPN ensures that that is always the case. 

Monetary Gain 

There are certain ways that a VPN may benefit your time online in a monetary sense as well. Some sites will gouge prices in certain areas, charging more for the same items. Using a VPN hides your location from outside sources, ensuring you aren’t being taken advantage of. 

If you are unaware of the price gouging taking place, imagine how often it may be happening. Having a VPN in place ensures you won’t be taken advantage of regularly but instead can remain aware and vigilant of your online activities. 

ISP Blocks 

India has strict ISP blocks that disallow users from accessing certain sites and information. Many third-party sites in India order service providers to block these sites from access. This is done in a way to censor the public and ensure that unwanted information is kept from them.

This is upsetting, of course, as censorship can be extremely damaging. It obstructs access to information that should be available to anyone that wants to view it. India VPN work to ensure that everyone has free reign of information that should be readily available to them. 

There are ISP blocks in India, however, that a VPN can get around. If you use a VPN, you can bypass these blocks and browse as you wish. Using a VPN is a stand against censorship – if you use one, you can view any site that may not have had access to otherwise. 

Without VPNs, many people living in India would remain unaware of the extent of the censorship being thrust upon them. VPNs help remove the wool from their eyes and expose the injustices that third parties may be subjecting them to. 

Data Retention Laws 

India also has data retention laws that allow service providers to monitor your browsing and activity. This means that there is a law allowing the interception of your data online. Service providers and other carriers have access to your personal, private information when you decide to log onto the internet. 

Using a VPN ensures that your data and, in turn, you, remain safe. The VPN obscures your traffic, meaning you may now bypass the data retention law and rest easy knowing your data is yours alone. 

Data retention laws are often frowned upon by the general public as it’s a large invasion of privacy and autonomy. No one can ever be completely anonymous while browsing if third parties have access to your every move. 


A VPN can be beneficial both at home and while traveling. Though you may live in India, perhaps you find yourself traveling for work or leisure. Just because you leave India doesn’t mean you want to give up on using a VPN altogether. Though there may be fewer restrictions in areas outside of India, you may still value your safety and privacy. 

While traveling, you may find it more beneficial to connect to a network from your VPN that is local to your area. For instance, if you’re in Italy, you may have better connection speeds when connecting to a network in Italy rather than one in India. 

You may find that certain areas have more blocked sites than others, and that is where a VPN may come in. If you run into blocked areas while on the go, you can use a VPN to access the free internet. 


Another great reason to use a VPN is if you plan on torrenting at all. Many service providers do not condone, nor allow torrenting under their plans. If they catch you torrenting, they may reprimand you, fine you, or even let you go from their service. Using a VPN ensures that they cannot track your activity and see that you have torrented anything. Using a VPN is an excellent idea if you find that you torrent often or plan to in the future. 

Different VPNs may be better suited for torrenting than others. It’s important to research any VPN you may be interested in to find out whether or not they are a great pick for torrenting. 


Streaming is a huge aspect of using a VPN. Netflix, for example, offers different shows depending on the country where you live. If you find yourself bored of the shows available to you in your country, you can use a VPN to gain access to another country’s Netflix options. This means that there are no borders – you may watch any show or movie from any country. 

If a certain streaming service is completely unavailable in your country, using a VPN that values streaming will be able to offer you a wide array of streaming services. Not only the basics like Netflix, but a VPN with streaming capabilities may also offer Hulu, YouTube, Disney+, etc. 

How To Choose the Best VPN In India 

Choosing the best VPN in India can be a tricky process. There are many VPNs out there so it can be difficult to differentiate the good from the bad. Everyone may be looking for different features in their VPN, so make a shortlist of the things you may be looking for. If you’re on the lookout for a VPN to use, follow these tips to get the most out of your browsing time. 

Find a Reputable VPN 

Easier said than done, make sure the VPN you are trying is reputable. A reputable VPN has reviews, rewards, and more to back up its claims. Anyone can claim to be the best, but outside opinions from real users are what matters. If you find that many users are complaining or reporting errors, they may not be as reputable as they claim.  

Start by doing your research on the VPN itself and see what others have said about it. See if it offers any reviews or if you can find some that users have left previously. Check if it has a free trial that you can test out. In short, make sure you do your research instead of jumping headfirst into a new VPN 

Another way to determine a VPN’s reputability is by researching the company itself. If a VPN is longstanding and has been providing service efficiently, it has a better chance of being reputable. 

It Should Have An App 

Smartphone usage is extremely high in India. Finding a VPN that supports cell usage and has its app is very critical. If a VPN has an app feature that ensures you can use it anywhere, both on PC and on your mobile device. 

Having Android access is a necessity in India. Many people living in India are using Androids and it would be a hindrance to use a VPN that didn’t offer access. You should always double-check that the VPN you’re interested in offers compatibility with the cellphone that you use. If you purchase a VPN that then does not offer access to your android, for example, you may be unable to use that VPN on your cell phone. 

Continue reading to find a few of the best free VPNs for Android in India. 


VPNs’ prices may vary wildly depending on their offering and the areas they are offering in. There are both free and subscription-based VPNs available. Free VPNs may use your information for unwanted reasons to make some money. While you should steer clear of free VPNs, you also don’t need an insanely expensive option.

Compare prices for popular VPNs and find one that fits inside your budget. Many VPNs are affordable and provide a wide variety of services. 

Privacy Levels 

One of the main perks of using a VPN is the privacy aspect. A VPN will scramble your traffic data and prevent any third parties from being able to access your information. You, of course, want a VPN that will protect your privacy and leave you feeling protected after every use. 

You should research every VPN you are interested in and compare their privacy settings and regulations to ensure you are getting the coverage you desire. Some free VPNs are known for selling their user’s information to make money. Doing your research can save you from using a VPN from a company that does not value its customers. 

Reliable Connection to India 

You want to have a great connection while browsing the internet. No one is interested in paying for a service that slows down their regular internet times. If you use a VPN that is not located in India, you may find that there are slower browsing times associated.

A VPN may be based in any area of the world while having networks across the globe. That means that a VPN may have its origin point in Ireland but offer networks in the US, India, Australia, etc. If you connect to a VPN that is located in your home place (i.e., you live in India and choose an India-based VPN) you are more likely to have faster, reliable internet speeds. 

Certain VPNs may only have a couple of networks in a few places. If you plan to use VPNs in a large array of areas, you should do your research and ensure you can find a VPN that offers these features. 

You want to ensure that the VPN you choose has a strong connection at your home base. Make sure you either test out VPNs or inquire about their speeds in India before you commit. If the speed is not up to par, you may not even want to invest in that particular VPN. 

Reliable Connection in Other Countries 

While you must have a reliable connection in India, it’s also very important to have a reliable connection in other areas as well. Not only will it be necessary if you plan on traveling if you plan on accessing sites in those places while still in India, but you’d also like the connection to be reliable. If a VPN has a reliable connection worldwide, you can rest easy knowing that it’s durable and trustworthy. 

Having access to other countries’ data in a fast manner allows you to browse anywhere at any time. If you’d like to watch TV shows only available on UK Netflix, you need to be able to reliably and quickly access the server to watch the shows. 

If the VPN you choose to use doesn’t have a reliable connection to other areas, you may be unable to stream successfully from the UK Netflix. It’s important to understand the range of your VPN and the limitations that it may have in regards to connection in countries other than your own.

Supports Streaming and Torrenting 

Like we discussed earlier, if you enjoy torrenting, you should ensure that your VPN supports it. Not all VPNs will support torrenting while certain ones may be better suited for it. Along with torrenting, you should be certain that your VPN supports streaming as well. If you commit to a VPN that does not support torrenting or streaming, you may find that you cannot access those services easily. 

Since certain VPNs may be better suited for torrenting or streaming, meaning they have access to more streaming and torrenting on their networks. VPNs that don’t cater to these services may only have access to Netflix, for example, while one that boasts great streaming access may have Netflix, Hulu, Youtube, and more. 

Every VPN is different and requires some research to find out which may work well with your lifestyle and needs. 

Access on Numerous Devices

If you have more than one device that you’d like to use a VPN on, you should ensure that the VPN you are wanting to use supports multiple devices. This means you can use your VPN across your PC, mobile phone, tablet, etc., all simultaneously. If you use a VPN that only offers connection on one device, you may not be able to use it at all times. 

Say you find a VPN that offers accessibility on your PC but not on your cell phone. You will be able to use that VPN while at home on your PC but once you leave the house and want to access the internet on your phone, you will not be protected by the VPN. There may not be much point in using a VPN half of the time – that other half may result in third parties using your data without your consent.

Why The Best Are The Best 

After exploring the reasons above that make a VPN great, we can go through the best VPNs in India and examine the features that make them stand out. 



First off, Surfshark has a large number of positive reviews and praise that can help users determine its reliability. Having a reputable source vouching for the brand can help you feel better about purchasing and is one of the main features of a stand-out VPN. 

Surfshark has a wide range of connectivity to devices that run on Windows, iOS, and more. The variety in options makes it versatile and ideal for those looking for a well-rounded VPN. Not only can it be used on different operating systems, but it can be used across different devices as well. Phones, tablets, PCs, and more are all compatible. 

Surfshark has an app feature as well that allows users to log in on their phone, making the VPN accessible from nearly anywhere. Their wide array of networks around the globe makes it very accessible to all users. 

It’s also affordable, offering different plans depending on the length of your contract. The fact that it provides stellar service at an affordable price sets it above the rest. Its reliable connection is another aspect that keeps users coming back. 

In all, Surfshark features nearly all of the best requirements that a VPN should have, making it one, if not the, best VPN available in India. 



NordVPN is another great example of how a VPN should function. It provides a fast, reliable connection that ensures your safety the entire time. The large map of serves allows for amazing connection no matter the location. 

Its ability to be used across platforms and the operating agreement allows you to use all of your devices safely. You can mask your IP to remain completely anonymous. They offer support as well to help customers who need it. 

NordVPN offers access to many streaming sites that make it appealing. You can access sites such as Netflix and Hulu, allowing you to watch shows from any country you wish if you tire of your home country’s choices. 

These features are all examples of how a VPN should stand out amongst the many, many options available. You want the most for your buck while remaining safe and secure. 



IPVanish is another example of a VPN that meets nearly all the criteria of the ideal VPN. The plans are very affordable, allowing you to remain safe at a low cost. It offers a range of plans, allowing you to choose the one that best fits your budget. It also has compatible apps that allow you to use the VPN anywhere on any device. 

The speed is superb and ensures you can browse the internet and watch shows without wait times. Privacy levels are high with the ability to mask your IP address. IPVanish features the best VPN aspects and takes care of its customers. 



CyberGhost boasts over 11,000 reviews right from its main page, allowing potential customers to read about user experiences to determine if they’re interested. It also offers extremely affordable rates that will not hurt your bank account. They often run promotions and other sales as well. 

CyberGhost has servers worldwide, allowing users to choose their location. It can hide your IP address while browsing, ensuring maximum security. The speed is unmatched and it even promotes security across all devices, smartphones, and PC alike. 

CyberGhost also promises fast and reliable downloads from anywhere, meaning you are never waiting for buffering times. Your privacy is their number one priority. CyberGhost VPN offers a wide range of the qualities that make a VPN stand out – if you value your privacy above all else, this may be the ideal option. 

Express VPN 


ExpressVPN is a VPN based out of the British Virgin Islands. When discussing VPNs that meet the criteria for the best VPNs, ExpressVPN cannot be forgotten. It offers usage across multiple devices, making it accessible to all. It also features compatibility with multiple operating systems. 

Affordability is a significant factor as it makes it a reasonable option for many. Their wide array of networks across the globe means the great connection is offered everywhere. Your privacy is also handled with care, masking your data and keeping you safe.

Best Free VPNs in India 

While many free VPNs are hard to navigate and may not run as smoothly as a paid subscription, there are still some comparable free options to consider. These are some of the best free VPNs in India. 



ProtonVPN has over 1,000 servers located in nearly 55 different countries. This means that you can find a network in your area and connect to something nearby to have a strong, reliable connection. The free VPN works in the same way as any paid subscription service may – it protects your data and keeps you safe as you browse. A free option, however, may offer less than a paid subscription. 

The program is Swiss-based though they have many networks. You can connect up to 10 devices so your phone, tablet, and more can all browse safely. They offer unlimited bandwidth and a professional support team that is available to answer any questions or concerns. 

If you’re on a budget, are not as passionate about safe browsing, or want to test out a VPN before purchasing, ProtonVPN is a great option. 

Hotspot Shield 


Hotspot Shield is another free VPN that can be accessed in India. Users may again connect multiple devices to protect all of their accounts. Free VPNs, however, may have some limitations. Hotspot Shield only offers protection on up to 5 devices. Connections may not be as fast or reliable on a free VPN compared to a paid service as well. 

While there are advantages to using a free VPN, such as saving money, there are disadvantages as well such as speed, reliability, and protection of your information. 

Cheap VPNs in India 

VPNs, like many other services, are available in a range of prices. Some people may feel more comfortable splurging on something that will protect their information while others feel that the cheaper options get the same job done. 

Free options can be risky as companies may sell your information. A cheaper VPN option is the best of both worlds – you save some money while remaining confident that your information is safe. 

If you’re interested in a cheaper VPN option, keep reading. 



PrivateVPN is a great cheap option VPN that often runs sales and discounts to its users. With their discounts and offers, prices can run very low and help users save. This minuscule expense is worth a lot – it keeps your information safe. 


namecheap vpn

Namecheap is another great option for those looking for protection for a cheaper price. They offer very, very affordable options that allow nearly anyone to participate. They often have discounts and offers that allow customers to save even more money. 

Namecheap, however, falls short when it comes to streaming. A cheap VPN may still offer fewer options than a more expensive choice. Namecheap streaming Netflix but not much else. 

If you’re worried about the risks associated with using a free VPN, a cheap alternative is the best option as you pay a small price for ease of mind. 


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