Best VPN for Xbox One

It can be challenging to find a high-quality VPN capable of supporting the speeds necessary for video streaming and gaming on Xbox. This guide will review the best VPN for Xbox One to help you select the right VPN for your console. Keep reading to learn more about how to get a VPN on Xbox one.

The Verdict: Best VPN for Xbox One


In our opinion, ExpressVPN is the overall best option for an Xbox VPN. This company offers the best combination of speed and reliability to provide a secure and seamless gaming experience.

Surfshark on Xbox one is also an excellent option for gamers on a budget, and NordVPN features a network of low-latency servers that offer an ideal VPN for Xbox.

Three Ways to Setup VPN on Xbox One

There are several ways you can learn how to use a VPN on Xbox one. You can set up a VPN Xbox One option through a router or a PC. However, we generally recommend using a router since the PC method requires an ethernet cable.


Our preferred way to use VPN on Xbox One is to connect the wireless network you use for gaming to the VPN through the router. It is a relatively straightforward process that most VPN customers receive detailed instructions from the company about setup.

  1. The first step of this method requires you to log in to the control panel of your router. No matter what VPN you use, the company will provide the details necessary to input into the system. 
  2. Usually, this involves entering the IP address associated with your router into a web browser hooked up to your preferred local network. Always refer to the router’s operating instructions for detailed information.
  3. After locating the control tab for the router’s external network connection, enter the information included in the instructions you received when you signed up for the VPN. Common names for this tab could be Network, Basic, or WAN Setup. 
  4. The second step consists of connecting your Xbox One to the router. The central Xbox button on your controller will direct you to the Guide. From there, select the Setting page and then go to the Network. After highlighting Network settings, press the A button.
  5. A new menu will pop up. Select Set up a wireless network and connect the console to your desired router. You can also use an ethernet cord to connect your Xbox to the router directly. This type of connection offers the most stability for online gaming use.

After following those steps, you will be able to use your VPN on Xbox One to secure all of your gaming activity and streaming.

Creating Virtual Router

An alternative approach involves using a wifi hotspot to create a virtual router. This method will allow any device connected to the hotspot, including your Xbox one, to direct its traffic to the VPN server. 

A virtual router may also be your only option if you want to connect other devices to the VPN that don’t support traditional connections. 

  1. First, ensure that you install your VPN correctly. Then, select Mobile Hotspot from the Settings menu before turning on the Share my internet switch.
  2. Next, find the Related setting further down the menu to Change adapter options. Active connection should show Wi-Fi and a Local Area Connection. Right-click the VPN adapter option to find Properties on the right-click menu.
  3. Allow other network users to connect through the Sharing tab and select the drop-down Local Area Connection. This virtual router will be ready to use after you connect to the desired VPN server. All you have to do to secure your Xbox to the VPN is select the connected device from the Wi-FI menu.

Connecting with a Windows PC or Mac over Ethernet Cable

VPN connections through a computer are also possible if your PC or Mac has two adapters connecting to the network. Most computers have at least a single adapter to connect to the internet, but a second adapter is necessary to connect to the Xbox console.

This method can be incredibly challenging if you have a home-built PC due to the more significant variations in this computer. If there are not two available network adapters, some configurations may be impossible.

Hooking up a VPN to your Xbox One through a PC will also require the PC to be on whenever the Xbox is in use.

  1. To begin, you first need to connect the desired computer to your VPN service. While the exact process will vary depending on which VPN you use, you generally have to download software designed to manage the specific server you want to connect to your computer.
  2. After connecting the computer to the correct VPN network, you’ll need to connect your Xbox directly to the network with an ethernet cable. The next step after using the line will depend on the type of computer you have.
  3. On a Windows PC, you will need to turn on internet connection sharing. An administrative account can open the Power User menu by pressing X and the Windows key simultaneously. From there, select Network Connections to find the Change Adapter Options button. Clicking on this button will reveal your connection options, including the desired VPN connection.
  4. Right-click on the VPN to select Properties and open a tab from Sharing. Then, enable the connection by checking “Allow other network users to connect through this computer’s internet connection.” A menu will drop down that includes Ethernet or Local Area Network options. Select those options before pressing OK to activate the VPN for Xbox.
  5. Begin the same process on a Mac by selecting System Preferences from under the Apple Symbol. The Sharing button will include Internet Sharing as an option on a left-sided list.
  6. Click this button to reveal a drop-down menu under the “Share Your Connection From” that allows you to select your VPN network. Select “To Computers Using” from the second drop-down menu to reveal the Ethernet option.
  7. After clicking on Ethernet, enable Internet Sharing. A green circle will inform you that the internet sharing capability is functioning. Ensure that you correctly follow every step. If you have problems, open Network Settings to determine if the VPN network is compatible with your system.

Are There Any Changes On Using a VPN on Xbox Series X?

Just like an Xbox One, you can’t install VPNs or any other third-party software directly on an Xbox Series X. 

But, you can still enhance the security of your console by installing a VPN on your internet router of a computer connected to your Xbox by an Ethernet cable.

Gamers can apply the same steps used to create these connections for both generations of consoles.

What Makes a Good VPN for Xbox One

Some Xbox One users may be reluctant to use a VPN due to concerns about the service harming the gaming experience and harming their chances of winning. 

The best VPN for Xbox One and other gaming consoles has features that enhance security without impacting speed or latency. VPN services that reduce these rates can limit your gaming performance. Since many gamers use a VPN to protect against harmful attacks from competitors, a slow VPN is counterproductive.

Competitors can disrupt your game with distributed denial-of-service attacks, so a VPN with DDoS mitigation is also essential. Most VPNs do not have services optimized for gamers, so you should also ensure that whichever VPN you use is compatible with your router and allows multiple connections.

Other helpful features include the ability to navigate around regional access blocks. This feature is handy if you use streaming services on your Xbox and view content only available in other countries.

All of our top picks for Xbox One VPN networks have the following features to ensure optimal security and performance on your console.

Why Use VPN for Xbox One

There are several benefits that Xbox One users can enjoy when using a VPN. While these private networks help enhance security, additional perks allow Xbox users to get the most out of their console. Here is a list of top reasons you should consider installing a VPN to secure your Xbox.

Buy Games at Cheaper Prices

Using a VPN can help you save money when purchasing video games through your Xbox One. Certain games have lower prices in other countries with reduced wages and living costs, and some favorable exchange rates can help you save money when you purchase games in a foreign currency.

This service will hide your actual IP address and enable you to trick the console into believing that you are in a different country. You can use servers and IP addresses in a desired country to achieve the most significant savings.

Navigate Past Geo-Blocks

Disguising your location by hiding your IP address can also help you bypass certain content restrictions based on your site. Geo-blocked apps and websites use your IP address to determine what country you call home.

If you want to unblock certain content, you can use a VPN server in a country where that content is not restricted. Many users use this feature to access certain content on streaming services and use blocked Xbox LIVE options.

Sometimes you need to use a different account from the same country as the VPN’s server. While you can also change the region on your main account, this may block some of the apps you use from your previous area.

Prevent IP Bans

Gamers may find themselves subject to an IP ban that they believe is unfair. These bans can occur without any foul play if game servers think you are cheating at a game that you are exceptionally skilled at playing.

An Xbox VPN prevents the game servers from seeing your original IP address. Since your connection routes through the VPN server instead, you can play even if you have an IP ban.

Of course, Xbox users should not abuse this capability. If you received a ban for a legitimate reason, you should not use a VPN network to avoid the consequences of your actions.

Protect Against DDoS Attacks

A Distributed Denial of Service is a type of cyber attack that forces your network to go offline after flooding it with excess traffic. Known as DDoS-ing, this type of cyber attack frequently impacts Xbox players targeted by game competitors.

Nearly anyone can target this type of attack, and forcing you offline can ruin your chances in a game. A VPN for Xbox One helps prevent these attacks from affecting your play by hiding the IP information hackers need to make you a target.

Even if they detect the VPN server’s IP address, most of these servers have protection against this type of attack to prevent connection disruption.

Early New Game Access

If a new game does not release simultaneously throughout the world, using a VPN can help you get early access to the product before it is available in your home country. You just have to use a VPN server to change your IP address to the country where it releases first.

To purchase the game, you will probably need to make a different account based in that country. But, multiple accounts can make it difficult to play games purchased from other countries on the same device.

Prevent Bandwidth Throttles

Some data plans slow down your internet speeds after too much internet usage on a specific app. But since a VPN service encrypts your traffic, your provider can’t monitor where you use your data or what websites you visit, which can help avoid bandwidth throttling.

Lag Time and Ping Reduction

Higher ping times on specific servers often occur when they are far away, creating inconvenient lag despite a fast internet connection. A VPN server with a more direct route to the game servers can reduce lag time to optimize the gaming experience and increase your winning chances.

While VPN networks generally slow down your internet connection, these benefits can cancel out those effects in specific games.

Streaming with a VPN on Xbox One

Even if you don’t play video games, a VPN is also beneficial for streaming enthusiasts who use their Xbox One to stream all of their favorite movies and tv shows on services like Netflix and Hulu.

The content available on these streaming services can vary significantly between countries. Some geo-blocks detect the IP address location of viewers and restrict what they can watch.

But when you use a VPN, you can reroute your connection through a server in a foreign country that tricks websites into thinking that is your location. Many travelers use a VPN to access shows from their home country while abroad.

If your favorite show is available in a foreign version of a streaming service, you can use a VPN server located in that country to mask your location and watch the content. There are also certain apps and benefits only available overseas that a VPN can help you access.

However, sometimes binging your favorite programs can cause your internet data provider to throttle internet speeds if you use too much data on one streaming service. A VPN can also help in this situation by blocking providers from tracking user data and preventing data throttling.

The Best VPN for Xbox One

Here are our reviews for the best VPN for Xbox One. All of the following VPN services have reputable providers and high-quality features ideal for Xbox users.



NordVPN on Xbox One is an excellent option for Xbox users concerned about protecting their data. This service emphasizes security with high-level encryption few VPN companies can compete against with success.

However, NordVPN also offers the speeds gamers depend on for a reliable connection that doesn’t disrupt gameplay. The company has almost 6,000 servers in nearly 60 countries all over the world.

A SmartPlay feature streamlines data encryption to enhance performance. This feature is also helpful for HD streaming, allowing you to sidestep blocking tools without reducing video quality.

Connection through NordVPN servers includes protection against DDoS attacks that frequently plague Xbox gamers. Users can also use a dedicated IP address for their own game server.

This service’s mobile apps are also excellent, enabling users on their phones the same access as desktop clients. The map-based interface for desktop users to select servers can be inconvenient to use on a smaller screen.

Your Xbox will route through whichever server you select for your router or PC, allowing Xbox users greater control over their data.

NordVPN did have some issues in the past with an unauthorized breach. However, this limited incident did not reveal user identities. 

Following heavier investments in user security, the company now has excellent reliability for gamers who depend on a solid connection during high-stakes games. We recommend this VPN for users who frequently play data-hungry games.


  • One of the fastest VPNs for gaming
  • Excellent customer support available 24/7
  • Run a personal games server through a dedicated IP address
  • Can handle multiple devices at the same time
  • Access to thousands of global servers


  • Not straightforward for novice users
  • App glitches



Surfshark is one of the VPN industry’s speed leaders, with an affordable price that appeals to Xbox users on a limited budget. This network may be smaller than others, but it offers features and speeds to compete with any prominent provider.

Unlimited device support is one of the highlights of this VPN service provider. You can connect all of the devices in your home to this VPN to take advantage of comprehensive protection.

Surfshark software also comes with ad-blocking and antimalware for enhanced security. But despite all of these extra features, this VPN is still fast enough for gaming on Xbox.

A network of over 3,000 servers in 65 countries comprise Surfshark’s VPN system. Testing generally reveals a minor 17% speed reduction after installation. And audits by Firefox and Chrome gave the company high privacy marks.

A wide range of computers, routers, and devices are compatible with the Surfshark network. The DNS settings on your console allow you to configure your Xbox for Surfshark compatibility. 

Surfshark also stands out from other VPN companies by including the option to bypass the VPN on certain whitelisted websites and apps. This option is a vital feature for users who want to use the VPN on their business computers.

Privacy is customizable with three different modes. Camouflage mode prevents your ISP from detecting your VPN use. Multihop mode allows users to use multiple servers in other countries to mask their path. Lastly, NoBorders mode lets you use the VPN in a restricted area. However, some of these modes may be illegal in your country.

Compared to other high-quality VPN providers, SurfShark offers excellent value. Users can also try a 30-day free trial to determine if the VPN is suitable for their gaming needs.


  • Unlimited device capabilities
  • Enhanced security features and privacy modes
  • Unblocking ability for restricted content


  • Smaller Network
  • Speeds can be inconsistent



ExpressVPN on Xbox One is our top recommendation for the best VPN for Xbox One. This company has an excellent reputation in the industry, with a long history of proven capabilities standing behind their VPN service.

Users have access to over 30,000 IP addresses and 3000 servers in 160 locations throughout 94 countries. But, simultaneous connection capabilities are limited compared to other companies.

TrustedServer technology powers the ExpressVPN network and prevents them from logging user data. This company earned its reputation for privacy by proving its zero-log policy during a server seizure undertaken by authorities.

This company provides in-depth information for novices learning how to use a VPN for the first time. They have detailed setup guides and information available to help users get the most from the service.

Although recent tests demonstrate that ExpressVPN speeds have slowed down slightly, they are still consistent and adequate for high-demand gaming.

ExpressVPN also features a kill switch that limits private data leakage outside of the VPN tunnel should any connections fail. Most high-quality VPN companies have this feature, but ExpressVPN also stands out by accepting bitcoin as payment from users who also value privacy during checkout.

This business began in 2009 and continues to offer premium service for an excellent value. Xbox owners who sign up for an annual plan receive three months free, and many users find that the increased reliability justifies a slightly higher cost.


  • Excellent router connectivity
  • Unmatched privacy and security features standard
  • Extensive network of low-latency servers
  • Helpful information and customer service available for novices


  • Limited customization
  • Somewhat higher cost



CyberGhost is an affordable VPN company that has continued to increase server capacity and available features in recent years. Xbox users on a budget may find the extremely low price appealing, but there are some concerning aspects of this company.

Although CyberGhost has jurisdiction in Romania, their UK-based parent company is subject to some skepticism. Users in countries where VPNs are illegal should consider other VPN service providers. Some tests reveal that the company exposes VPN to your internet provider.

Some users also have concerns about the type of traffic manipulation used by the ad-blocker on this VPN. However, CyberGhost’s security and speed continue to improve.

One unique positive feature that many customers enjoy is their convenient organization of available servers. Cyberghost divides their servers based on service and privacy needs. Users can select from NoSpy servers, static IP address servers, and the best servers for streaming.

The low price and high speeds from CyberGhost make it an appealing option if you only need to change your perceived location online. But this company does not offer high-level security for Xbox players concerned about privacy.


  • Low Price
  • Higher speeds for gaming
  • Servers organized by ideal type of use


  • Controversial UK parent company
  • Weaker privacy protection



Private Internet Access is a simple VPN provider that offers reliable basic services at an affordable rate. The company has a proven decades-long history of not logging any user data for maximum privacy protection.

Users have access to over 3,000 servers in 37 locations. This location count is lower than other competitors but provides adequate coverage for most Xbox users. However, Private Internet Access does not offer any information about the number of IP addresses available on their network.

This service features a kill switch feature to protect from leaks in case of connection failures. There are also plenty of online guides and documents available for new users who want to understand their security services better.

Multiple simultaneous connections are more than enough to connect an Xbox One through a router to the VPN. Although this company has limited speeds compared to more expensive alternatives, it is suitable for basic gaming.

A well-designed app is easy to use to control the VPN network and make new connections. This company’s easy-to-use features and essential services make it an ideal option for users that have never used a VPN before.

If you play data-heavy games on your Xbox, you may want to consider a different service. There are few advanced features beyond the basic VPN service that hide your web traffic, but many users appreciate the simple reliability provided by this reputable company.


  • Well-designed app that is easy to use
  • Multiple simultaneous connections possible on the same network
  • An above-average number of servers available for users
  • Low cost for a basic, reliable service


  • Limited additional tools
  • Confusing privacy policy



IPVanish is a flexible VPN provider that is ideal for beginners seeking privacy protection on their Xbox One. This company has over 40,000 IP addresses on almost 2000 servers in 75 locations. Users can also connect as many devices as they want to the network at one time.

This provider has one of the best interfaces among its competitors. It is configurable and fun for individuals who want to understand how a VPN works. The multiplatform flexibility is also a bonus for Xbox users who use their consoles for various activities, including streaming and gaming.

IPVanish supports the open-source streaming app Kodi, previously known as XBMC. Integrating the Kodi plugin allows you to access media worldwide, making this service appealing to Xbox users who are also media-enthusiasts.

Customers can purchase IPVanish at a significant discount on the yearly plan. But a limited seven-day trial does not offer the same insight as the 30-days offers from competitors.

IPVanish’s price point offers good value for the higher-end features included with this VPN network. A reliable kill-switch and enhanced security features make it an appealing option for an Xbox VPN.


  • Easy to use app that allows for customization
  • Unlimited simultaneous connections
  • Constantly encrypted connections and communications for privacy
  • Automatically connects to servers with low-latency


  • Slow customer service
  • It does not work in China

A Free VPN for Xbox One

You may come across some seemingly appealing offers promising a free VPN. Although some reputable companies have free versions, these services are not reliable. Many have speed limits and quotas that can disconnect unexpectedly during a game.

Completely free VPN services also have a reputation for being too dangerous. Some services do not use any encryption to protect your data, while others run businesses that sell access to the data going through the network.

There is no such thing as an excellent free VPN option for gamers. Purchasing a reliable service from a high-quality company is an investment in your security and success in online gaming.


As the world becomes more connected every day, privacy and security have become essential considerations for online gamers and Xbox One users. Cyberattacks that target your IP address can reveal your identity and disrupt your games. But investing in a VPN network can help you continue to play online safely.

ExpressVPN is the best VPN for Xbox One, in our opinion. But several companies offer the enhanced protection and high speeds necessary for gamers. If you value your privacy and want to bypass content restrictions based on your location, consider subscribing to one of these services today.


Here are the answers to frequently asked questions about how to use a VPN on Xbox One.