The 6 Best VPNs With Double VPN (Multi-Hop) Feature

Because we spend so much time online for communication, leisure, and business, privacy and security are more critical than ever. You don’t want cyber criminals stealing crucial business data and client information. And this is where a VPN that provides double VPN servers comes in handy. That said, what are some of the best?

The 6 of the best VPNs with double VPN features are: 

The fundamental idea behind double VPN is to conceal your IP address better and encrypt your communication twice. A VPN program encrypts your data and routes it to a VPN server. The server decrypts your traffic and masks your IP address. That said, what makes this list the best choice as a double VPN provider?

best vpn with double vpn

6 Of The Best VPNs With Double VPN or Multi Hop Feature

A VPN protects your internet connection from prying eyes and hackers. VPN technology, which was formerly only available to huge enterprises and is now regarded as one of the best practices for network security, is now widely available to individuals and small businesses.

However, cyberattacks are on the rise, but they are also becoming more sophisticated, making them difficult to detect. For some, even a regular VPN is insufficient.

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Here comes the multi-hop VPN. The multi-hop VPN, often known as a “cascaded VPN” or “double VPN,” raises the bar on the typical VPN technique, providing exceptional protection and anonymity. Starting with NordVPN, let’s take a closer look into what else they have to offer in addition to double VPNs.

NordVPN – Double VPN Features (The Best Overall)


NordVPN is perhaps the most recognizable name in the VPN industry and more than lives up to its lofty reputation. It excels in almost every category you’d want to consider when selecting a new service that supplies a double VPN feature.

To begin with, the levels of security provided by NordVPN have always impressed us. AES-256 encryption is standard, but you may additionally use it with double VPN technology, all of your internet traffic is encrypted twice. 

nordvpn double vpn

It’s helpful to know where your online anonymity is critical, such as while using public Wi-Fi or torrenting, which brings you here today.

Other features include powerful DNS leak protection, kill switches (both application-specific and system-wide), proxy extensions for Chrome and Firefox browsers, and payment methods that include Bitcoin, PayPal, and credit cards, similar to its primary rival above.

And Nord outnumbers many other top VPN brands in terms of sheer server count, with 5,000 (in 60 countries) while also allowing for one extra simultaneous connection at six.

The provider’s unique NordLynx protocol has clearly been an eye-catching advancement in the last year or two. It has contributed to Nord’s connection speeds being among the quickest I’ve measured, as well as more dependable, even from servers located further afield.

I particularly applaud Nord’s commitment to putting the tainting news of previous data breaches behind it. Every year, PricewaterhouseCoopers conducts a comprehensive examination of its no-logging policy.

NordVPN has long been a powerful tool for unblocking a broad range of apps and streaming services, including WhatsApp, YouTube, Disney+, HBO Max, BBC iPlayer, etc. However, it has not reacted as swiftly as other VPNs in the struggle to maintain access to global Netflix collections.

Hopefully, this is only a brief blip, and Nord will be back on track soon. NordVPN’s troubleshooting articles are not only extensive but are also accommodating. If you’re still having trouble, there’s a chatbot and superb live customer service available 24/7.

One complaint I would have is NordVPN’s user experience provided by NordVPN. Minor inconveniences like destination cities not being displayed alphabetically or having to dig through menus for specific task capabilities left us longing for improvements. 

It is particularly true with its generally useful mobile apps. However, these are minor drawbacks.

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Surfshark – Multi-hop Features


Surfshark, situated in the British Virgin Islands, should be on your radar if you’re seeking the best bang for your buck for VPNs that supply a double VPN server. It’s a terrific pick for individuals trying to save money because it’s less than half the price of some of its competitors while giving a comparable performance in many areas.

surfshark multi hop servers

Surfshark’s applications are functional and straightforward but don’t be fooled into thinking they lack capability. While they can’t match the most technically advanced, they have a kill switch, over 3,200 server options, split tunneling, and industry-standard AES-256 encryption.

Surfshark also stands out if you have a large number of devices to cover. While larger VPN companies allow for five simultaneous connections and Nord allows for six, all Surfshark plans are entirely unrestricted. That implies that if you want to install a VPN on 5 or 99 devices, one Surfshark package can handle it all.

Unfortunately, Surfshark has also been affected by Netflix’s modifications, and it can now only unblock US Netflix — not the UK, Canada, Australia, or others. However, BBC iPlayer, Disney+, and a plethora of other streaming services are accessible.

Speeds are also a little slower than the competitors, but you won’t notice any difference unless you have a faster base connection than 400Mbps. Overall, Surfshark is a terrific budget alternative, and when you consider its unbelievably low price, any minor flaws appear to vanish!

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ProtonVPN – Double VPN Servers


I’ve always appreciated ProtonVPN as a severe privacy tool. Still, in my most recent ProtonVPN review, I saw significant improvements in everyday usage and customer support – so much so that the Swiss VPN has moved higher in rank in most VPN raking listings!

ProtonVPN provides double-VPN servers. The double-VPN servers may be selected directly in the NordVPN app. Again, ProtonVPN’s double-VPN “Secure Core” servers give poor speeds.

protonvpn secure core

Almost all of the difficulties I experienced in my previous experiences with Proton have been resolved. The slow connection speeds have improved — WireGuard speeds are now competitive, and due to VPN Accelerator technology, ProtonVPN now provides the fastest OpenVPN connections available.

I was likewise upset the last time ProtonVPN did not provide live chat help. That, too, has been resolved. While it is not available 24 hours a day, it is rumored that it will be soon, and the service I experienced when I tested the chat was excellent.

In my tests, ProtonVPN was the only provider other than major VPN companies like ExpressVPN that could unblock more than one Netflix library, giving me access to UK, US, and Canadian libraries. 

But it’s not just about streaming. ProtonVPN provides one-of-a-kind ‘Secure Cores,’ which are extremely secure servers located in safe countries such as Switzerland. 

The applications are also strong and dependable on all devices (albeit a little sophisticated), and features such as the kill switch are among the finest available. ProtonVPN is an excellent solution for individuals who place high importance on privacy.

Picking flaws in Proton is becoming more difficult by the day, but there are still a few stumbling blocks. To begin with, while some servers do allow P2P traffic, they are rare in comparison to the competitors. Prices are also a touch high, but if you join up for two years, you’ll receive a good deal with a generous ten simultaneous connections.

Overall, ProtonVPN is on the rise, and it’s clear that the developers are working hard rather than sitting on their laurels – and as a result, ProtonVPN has become a service we can completely endorse.

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In contrast to rival technologies, VPN’s Multi-hop is totally dynamic and not restricted to a set of predetermined routes. Simply select the appropriate entry server and exit server, and connect safely. has been operating since 2011, and in that time it has amassed a sizable fan base and made a mark on the VPN business.

It’s clearly intended for the more experienced user. The programs are highly customizable and handle a broad range of protocols, DNS protection, and torrenting on the majority of servers.

However, if you’re a beginner, the level of customization may be overwhelming, in which case we recommend using a service like ExpressVPN. performed admirably in our streaming tests. It can access US Netflix, which not every provider can anymore, as well as BBC iPlayer, Showtime, Amazon Prime Video, and Disney+.

Finally, it has great privacy credentials, despite the fact that it has not yet undergone a security examination. Overall, it’s an excellent pick, particularly if you enjoy tinkering with your software and multi-hop servers.

Windscribe VPN – Multi-hop Servers


Windscribe, another fantastic free VPN, now has a new double VPN feature. You may multi-hop to any server on its network, and it offers a specialized list of server pairs for usage with a second VPN.

As I dabbled around in Windscribe, I found the provider’s free plan, which provides customers with 10GB of data per month, to be highly helpful, but it also provides a reasonably priced subscription option that provides limitless bandwidth and allows you to connect as many devices as you like at the same time. 

Most other VPN services limit you to five to ten connections at a time. Windscribe works with a variety of platforms, including routers and Amazon Fire and Kodi TV set-top boxes.

The service provides a wide range of connection choices, a large geographic reach with hundreds of servers, and an appealing, albeit simple, user interface. It’s also useful for streaming Netflix from other countries, and it has special ‘Windflix servers’ to do so. The Chrome VPN plugin provided by the service is a notable feature.

It’s one of the finest on the market, with plenty of features and the ability to use it without installing the desktop client – ideal for work PCs or other devices that can’t run the software. Those who do install the desktop client will see the brand-new look. Windscribe 2.0 software has improved the UI and included a few new capabilities.

Windscribe’s network performance, on the other hand, was less spectacular, with slower connection times than competitors in my tests, even when utilizing the recently integrated WireGuard. Speed’s still adequate for streaming, but it pales in comparison to the absolute fastest providers available.

Windscribe subscriptions may be paid for with Bitcoin, and you don’t even need to supply an email address. The service is situated in Canada, which may appeal to customers fearful of US authorities. 

Overall, Windscribe is a good alternative for individuals wishing to test out a VPN with a free subscription and then join up once they know it works.

ClearVPN – Double VPN Features


ClearVPN has a lot to offer users who want to avoid streaming limitations. Its speeds aren’t the finest, but so do most VPNs when using the double VPN feature. However, I expect them to improve with time. 

ClearVPN is available for you if you want to access more material with a single touch, encrypt your connection, view any streaming service, or have complete online privacy. Try sophisticated security options like double VPN and multi-hop to have your data encrypted twice for further security.

I tested pre-release versions of ClearVPN and received various updates while doing so. Performance improved when upgrades arrived, and I anticipate that this will continue for some time, given ClearVPN is still a relatively new business.

ClearVPN maintained close to 10% of the base speed in our tests over three days, which is appalling. However, as previously stated, ClearVPN’s upgrades increased performance, and on the final day of testing, the average speed was 20% of the base speed. 

That’s still not a stellar performance, but it’s adequate and demonstrates constant progress. Nonetheless, it provides a genuine working service that you may want to keep your eye on as the business expands and improve and easily falls into the top 5 listing for the best VPNs with double VPN servers.

What Is A Double VPN?

Multi-hop VPNs work by connecting two or more VPN servers together in a chain, adding another layer of encryption and another server to your current VPN connection. 

Simply put, a multi-hop VPN adds an additional layer of encryption and a server to your standard VPN connection by “chaining” or “cascading” two or more VPN servers together. The goal is to improve the security and privacy of a regular, single-server VPN connection.

Although any number of VPN servers can be added to the chain, multi-hop VPNs are commonly referred to as double VPNs.

Is Double VPN Safer Than A Regular VPN Connection?

Even if the provider does not employ double encryption, a double VPN connection is safer than a single VPN connection. So, to start, your IP address is concealed behind not one but two VPN servers. Furthermore, double-encryption renders any brute-force assault ineffective.

The data split is another reason why Double VPN is significantly safer than a conventional VPN connection. VPN servers know where you’re communicating from and your IP address when you connect. 

With Double VPN, one server has your IP but not your destination, while the other has both your IP and your destination.

Finally, Double VPN is only as secure as your VPN. It should have a tight no-logs policy; otherwise, why employ two logging servers when one suffices? Selecting a supplier with an independent audit or a court-confirmed policy is essential.

It would be helpful if you selected a VPN that only uses RAM-based servers since they cannot log users’ traffic. Finally, seek a jurisdiction that respects privacy, leak protection, and a good kill switch.

Double VPN Connection Speeds

Regardless of your internet speed, you will likely notice a modest slow down in your connection, and if your connection speed is already slow, you’re likely to notice it more. 

Using a VPN when you’re on a public network is a fairly common practice, and you can prevent some of the loss of speed by choosing servers closer to you, but the encryption and decryption process still takes time.

Is Double VPN Really Needed?

A double VPN isn’t explicitly needed in most cases, but many users find them comforting for keeping their data safe and adding an additional layer of privacy. Double VPNs also get used for working with sensitive data and other specific tasks where security is a top concern.

When is Double VPN Not Needed?

There are definitely going to be times when using a double VPN isn’t really necessary. It’s not that you couldn’t use a double VPN in many of these situations, but the slow down in traffic and extra encryption won’t help for these activities:

  • Streaming
  • Gaming
  • Torrenting
  • Unblocking websites

Just because a double VPN might be overkill for these types of tasks doesn’t mean that your regular VPN isn’t a good option. Some individuals like to use a VPN for torrenting or streaming content that gets blocked in their country, and a single VPN works fine for this purpose.


If you decide to use a multi-hop VPN, be sure the provider offers numerous levels of encryption. Some just offer a single layer of protection, simply forwarding your traffic from one VPN server to the next without applying any extra layers.

It would be best to guarantee that the VPN provider will not store logs or trace your internet behavior in any way. Even if the vendor does nothing with the data, possessing it implies it’s vulnerable to theft or, at the very least, seizure by governments.

The most significant advantage of a multi-hop VPN is online anonymity. As a result, you should only involve yourself with a reliable supplier who has a demonstrated track record of preserving your privacy, as described from the list above.

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