The 7 Reasons Why Cloud Backup Is Worth It (A Quick Guide)

In today’s age, our data is priceless. On our Hard Drives, data can be made up of precious photos, music, and even important work documents. Backups of our precious data are essential as Hard Drives are prone to failure, yet so are the backups stored on External Hard Drives. Cloud Backups have arisen to remedy the physical limitations of Hard Drives.

Cloud Backups Services are worth it, not only because it is securely encrypted. Your backup is stored offsite and accessible from anywhere. It is also reliable in data failure to restore lost data, as it is stored offsite. Your data is also automatically kept updated with the latest version.

There are more to the benefits that I have described above that make Cloud Backups worth the price of admission. Cloud Backups have come to replace the limitations of backups stored on physical External Hard Drives and physical Hard Drives. Below is more information as to why Cloud Backups are worth your time.

is cloud backup worth it

Why Are Cloud Backups Worth It?

Cloud Backups are more than worth using and are much better than backups stored on physical External Hard Drives. The limitations that come with physical backups, such as being subject to data failure or corruption, are remedied with Cloud Backups. Below are some benefits that you should consider for switching to the Cloud as a means to backup your precious data.

1. Your Backups Are Kept In The Cloud

Your precious data, made up of anything from videos to important documents for work, are stored offsite. Your data’s physical location is in an encrypted form over the many servers of the Cloud Backup provider that you have chosen to use. 

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This offsite Cloud Backup ensures that your data is always available despite the physical limitations of the hardware. If your physical Hard Drive breaks and your data seems to be gone, do not fret, as you can restore your data from the Cloud.

Your Cloud Backup data are always accessible regardless of physical Hard Drive limitations.

2. Multiple Versions Of The Same Data Exists On The Cloud 

The backups of data stored on the offsite Cloud Servers consist of multiple versions of the same data. This function is vital for the security of your data in case something goes wrong with them. Every time your data gets altered, those altered versions of the data get stored on the Cloud.

If your data gets corrupted or infected with malware, do not worry, as you can restore the files that were infected or corrupted to a version before the tragedy occurred. This feature is not a function of backups stored on physical External Hard Drives, which means your data is not recoverable. With Cloud Backup, your data can always be recovered from the offsite servers, even in case of corruption.

Multiple versions of the same backup data exist on the Cloud. This function ensures that you are always to find a safe version of the data you value.

3. Backups Are Stored In The Cloud Automatically

Unlike backups on physical External Hard Drives that you have to create manually, Cloud Backups are automatic. Once you have a Cloud Backup plan with a trusted Cloud Backup Service provider, your data is updated automatically in the background of your system.

This feature frees up your valued time to do other things instead of spending hours storing your data as backups on physical External Hard Drives. The data you hold as backups on the Cloud are automatically uploaded to offsite servers daily. If your data is lost, you could always download it from the Cloud’s offsite servers.

Cloud Backups are automatically stored on offsite servers, provided by your Cloud Backup Service provider, for you to always access.

4. Cloud Backups Are Excellent For Recovering Lost Data

Cloud Backups are also excellent for data recovery. The days of data loss are long gone if your physical Hard Drive and the External Hard Drive, with your backup data stored, get broken. Your data stored in the Cloud will always be there for you to download, even in cases of physical data loss.

This feature is one of the most valued benefits of Cloud Backups storing your data in encrypted forms on offsite servers. 

If your physical Hard Drive breaks and you need to restore your system’s data to its original form, a download of your Cloud Backup could restore your system data in minutes. Soon your new Hard Drive will have all the data on of the old one after beginning the recovery function of Cloud Backups.

Data stored as backups on Cloud Backups are stored offsite, so you can always recover them if you lose your data or need to buy a new Hard Drive.

5. Your Data Is Secure In The Cloud

If you are worried by the fact that your precious data gets stored over many offsite servers, do not worry as your data is encrypted.

All your data stored as backups on the Cloud gets encrypted with advanced encryption technology such as AES encryption. This type of encryption is almost entirely uncrackable in case of attempted unauthorized access to your data. Backups stored on physical Hard Drives are vulnerable to malicious attacks when connected to your computer, but Cloud Backups are not with their advanced encryption technology.

Cloud Backups get secured with robust encryption technology. Their security makes them almost entirely uncrackable to malicious cybercriminals.

6. Cloud Backups Can Be Accessed From Any Device

Because Cloud Backups get stored on offsite servers, you can access your data anywhere as long as you have a web connection. This function remedies the limitation of data backups stored on physical External Hard Drives that need to be connected to an electronic device to be accessed. With Cloud Backups, physical connections are not a hindrance to access your data.

If you would like to access your Cloud Backup, you could do so with any device with internet access.

7. The Price Of Cloud Backups Are Affordable

Unlike physical External Hard Drives that are bought once, Cloud Backups are purchased and used on a subscription-based model. 

This payment method might sound like a con, as External Hard Drives, with large capacities can be bought by you for under 100 dollars, but it is not. Physical External Hard Drives are prone to failure after a few years of use. To replace the physical External Hard Drive, you will pay that same price with no option to retain your original lost data.

Cloud Backups commonly cost about 90 dollars annually and are always kept updated, securely encrypted, and are reliable. Even if your data on your physical Hard drive is lost, you can restore your original data quickly with your Cloud Backup.

All this described above is more than worth the price of admission of Cloud Backups.


Cloud Backups are worth the price of admission. 

Your precious data gets stored offsite over many servers that you can access from anywhere with a web connection. All the functions above make the limitations of physical backups stored on External Hard drives obsolete compared to the many benefits of Cloud Backup.

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