Is Surfshark Better For Netflix Than NordVPN? (3-Minute Read)

Netflix is available almost all over the world these days. Very few countries don’t have Netflix, and that’s great. But not all countries’ Netflix catalogs are equal. 

Due to content licensing regulations in different countries, Netflix has to restrict access to certain content in some regions. 

The obvious solution is a VPN, and many people choose Surfshark or NordVPN. But which is better for Netflix?

Surfshark is better for Netflix in two ways: pricing and having no device number restrictions. Regarding speed, reliability, and alternatives if servers are blocked, NordVPN is slightly ahead of Surfshark. Apart from these few minor differences, they are very similar and both excellent for Netflix.

Surfshark and NordVPN are so equally matched in terms of features that it’s difficult to determine if Surfshark is better for Netflix than NordVPN. 

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To make an unbiased decision, we have to evaluate them both in the essential areas required for Netflix: speed and reliability (both determined by the number of servers), price, number of devices supported, and how they deal with VPN blocking.

Is Surfshark Better For Netflix Than NordVPN?

Summary – Is Surfshark Better For Netflix Than NordVPN?

The quick answer is no. They are very closely matched, but NordVPN still wins in many scenarios. Here’s a summary:

  • Speed: NordVPN wins (by a narrow margin)
  • Reliability: NordVPN wins
  • Pricing: Surfshark wins (by a wide margin)
  • Number of devices: Surfshark wins (by a theoretically infinite margin)
  • Avoiding Netflix VPN blocking: NordVPN wins

Surfshark’s Netflix Streaming Features

Surfshark has many features that make it an excellent VPN for streaming Netflix. Many of these features are equally matched with NordVPN, but there are some points where Surfshark is king.

Surfshark’s Speed Is Important For Streaming Netflix

Surfshark uses the AES-256-GCM protocol. This is one of the most current VPN protocols with 256-bit encryption and high speeds. 

This means that Surfshark’s protocol speed is adequate for good Netflix streaming. The other factor that affects speed is the number of servers, and Surfshark is currently at over 3000 servers internationally, so speeds shouldn’t hinder your Netflix streaming. 

Users report that they can stream full HD video over Surfshark VPN with a United States location without any buffering or quality errors, though loading the video may take from five to ten seconds. 

This is slightly longer than the usual three-second loading time without a VPN, but there are no glitches or problems reported once the video is loaded.

Surfshark’s Reliability

With well over 3000 servers located worldwide, Surfshark’s network has matured a lot over the last few years. 

Such a high number of servers means that there is always a backup or alternative available if things go wrong with one of the servers.

In terms of reliability, no users have reported any serious problems while streaming Netflix, so Surfshark is good enough for this purpose.

Surfshark’s Pricing

Since a VPN is an additional cost over and above your Netflix subscription, a lower price is always a good thing. 

Surfshark’s pricing is incredible, starting from as little as ±$2.50 US per month if you sign up for a two-year package.

The standard price for a month-to-month subscription is around $10 US which is still low compared to many other VPNs. Surfshark is well priced as a VPN for Netflix.

Number Of Devices Surfshark Supports Per Account

This is where Surfshark truly outshines many competitors. One subscription allows you VPN access on an unlimited number of devices. 

In a world where we all have multiple devices, this approach makes sense since you can now have your VPN on every device and share it with your household as well. 

Want to stream Netflix on your Smart TV and your partner’s smartphone? No problem!

Surfshark And Netflix VPN Blocking

Netflix disapproves of people streaming their content from unlicensed countries. This is because of licensing conflicts with other networks in each country, so it’s not Netflix trying to be funny; they’re trying to avoid a lawsuit.

So they are working hard to keep people from streaming content from unauthorized locations, so they are blocking VPN servers as soon as they identify them.

Because of this, a server that could stream Netflix yesterday may be unable to do so today. There have been reports of people being disconnected while they were streaming. 

The solution to this is multiple servers and locations. Surfshark has over 3000 servers, which means that they should be pretty well covered, and you should have no issues finding a server to stream Netflix through.

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NordVPN’s Netflix Streaming Features

creating nordvpn account

NordVPN is one of the most mature and well-established VPN services globally. Its popularity as a VPN, both for streaming Netflix and other uses, is almost unparalleled. 

This popularity has been tested and justified. But how does NordVPN stack up against Surfshark when it comes to Netflix streaming?

NordVPN’s Netflix Streaming Speeds

NordVPN uses the AES-256-GCM protocol, IKEv2/IPsec, and their own NordLynx. These protocols are all known for their exceptional speeds and high encryption standards. NordVPN’s protocol speeds are more than adequate for Netflix streaming. 

NordVPN outshines Surfshark a bit with more than 5000 servers leading to more speed through sheer server numbers. 

Like Surfshark, NordVPN users report streaming HD videos from Netflix with no interruption, buffering, or loss of quality. 

Though still slower than over an open connection, the time to load a video is slightly better than Surfshark’s at approximately 6 seconds. In terms of speed, NordVPN beats Surfshark, but the difference is barely noticeable and hardly makes a difference.

NordVPN’s Reliability

As mentioned, NordVPN is mature and well-established. With a server network of more than 5000 nodes, NordVPN has even more backup options available than Surfshark. 

This means that theoretically, NordVPN should be even more reliable than Surfshark. If things go bottom-up, there are more options available for streaming Netflix until the issue is entirely resolved.

NordVPN’s Pricing

NordVPN is known to have a high value for money offering and is one of the more affordable options. Its lowest price is around  ±$3.80 US per month on a two-year package. 

Monthly subscriptions cost about $12 US. All in all, though NordVPN is affordable and has an excellent offering, we have to give it to Surfshark here. In terms of price, it wins by far.

NordVPN’s Device Support

NordVPN on Windows

NordVPN’s subscription, even though it costs more than Surfshark’s, only allows you to connect up to six devices per subscription. 

This is where NordVPN is severely lacking. If you have an average-sized family, you will likely have to add additional subscriptions to cover all devices. 

Yes, you can let NordVPN connect through your WiFi router and cover all devices, but it’s a burdensome limitation.

NordVPN And Netflix VPN Blocking

As with Surfshark, having more servers available if one gets blocked by Netflix is useful. With NordVPN’s even higher number of servers, this is perfect since Netflix will have to work so much harder to block them all. 

There are reports of Netflix blocking some NordVPN servers, but fewer than with Surfshark, which indicates that NordVPN’s obfuscation technology may be more advanced.

In terms of Netflix VPN blocking, NordVPN takes another win, even though Surfshark is in no way a bad option.

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Surfshark is not better for Netflix than NordVPN. Though they both have pros and cons they are very equally matched. 

Having said that, one or the other could be a better fit for you. If affordability is a factor, or you have a considerable number of devices, Surfshark is ideal. 

If you want that little bit more speed and reliability, instead, go for NordVPN. They are both great for Netflix.

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