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Recommended lifetime VPN account:
VPNUnlimited – Lifetime VPN Account – $199.99

vpn unlimited

Lifetime Account Option

3.7 / 5.0

In this article, we explore lifetime VPN deals from various providers, reasons why lifetime VPN accounts are hard to find, and other alternatives to explore.

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A lifetime VPN account is a rare offering

The first reason why a lifetime VPN plan might not be offered is the uncertainty and meaning of the word “lifetime.” This definition could mean the company’s life, or an arbitrary number of years strategically hidden in the “terms of service.” The NordVPN lifetime deal was dropped, and many other major VPN providers did the same.

Not Worth the Money

Lifetime VPN plans are not as common as long-term packages, and there are various reasons why. When you look at the price on paper, it seems like an excellent deal. You pay a slightly higher, one-time fee, and then you never have to hassle with it again. But if it looks like it is too good to be true, then it most likely is.

It costs a lot for providers to run its VPN through servers across the world. There are maintenance fees, upkeep costs, security protocol upgrades, and other tasks that need to be taken care of. One of the only reasons a provider might offer the lifetime plan is for the customer who might forget about the future subscription.

Below Average Service

Subscription businesses like VPN providers survive because of customer service and retention. If you have problems or issues, then the company will tend to it right away to keep you for a long time. If you sign up for a lifetime service with a VPN provider, the incentive to provide customer service is gone. And if a customer leaves for another provider, he or she will not get the money back.

If a company continues to take on lifetime members, they will not have the resources or capital to reinvest and upgrade their servers. At some point, the servers will become overused and then slow down. With no recurring income from lifetime members, there are no opportunities to improve the service and grow it.

Technology is Constantly Evolving

Technology is always changing, which could impact the value of a VPN subscription. There is also the possibility that a lifetime VPN subscription could become outdated with the new technological advancements.

If the technological landscape changes and geo-blocking software strengthens, the lifetime VPN will probably not be ready to combat it. Once the company has all your money for good, it will not be incentivized to strengthen your service.

There are Other Long-Term Alternatives

VPN providers make up a competitive landscape to find excellent long-term alternatives to mirror unlimited or lifetime deals. Options like free VPNs are a long-term solution that will not cost you anything. Free VPNs might not be the ideal answer to your needs, but the companies that produce them drive their business by advertising and upselling you into their premium plans.

If you are interested in doing a long-term plan for better quality and service, check our list of suggestions below.

Providers that Offer Lifetime VPN Accounts

vpn unlimited

Lifetime Account Option

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High-speed Swiss VPN

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There are still quality VPN providers that offer lifetime VPN deals for customers. As you evaluate your options, it is essential to look at the benefits and how it solves your specific needs. If you elect to sign on with one of these companies, we advise you to look closely at the terms of service. It is a crucial decision to sign on with a lifetime VPN, and you must make an educated decision.

VPN Unlimited

vpn unlimited

The VPN Unlimited lifetime plan requires a single payment of $199.99. With this plan, you can utilize your VPN on up to 10 devices, including tablets, desktop, and mobile phones. It is also available for various platforms, including iOS, macOS, Android, Linux, and Windows.

The service includes automatic Wi-Fi protection. VPN Unlimited has access to over 500 high-speed servers over 80 locations worldwide. Once you select a preferred location, you can unblock geo-restricted content with the KeepSolid VPN.

The company also offers malware detection and great servers speed. You can enhance the online privacy with KeepSolid’s DNS Firewall. You can stream stress-free while the firewall detects harmful sites and malware.

vpnunlimited lifetime account
  • 30-day money-back guarantee
  • 500+ high-speed servers across the world
  • 24/7 customer support
  • Zero-log policy
  • Online streaming on up to 10 devices



GooseVPN currently offers a lifetime account membership for a single purchase of $139. Goose VPN is a VPN service based in the Netherlands. As soon as you get to their website, you can see their no-log policy, paired with the privacy policy. The only information Goose VPN keeps a tab of bandwidth use per account.

Security is an important feature offered by GooseVPN lifetime. It has a Smart Safe option, which turns the VPN off or on, based on the network you are on. You can easily switch between locations and conserve power simultaneously. The provider also gives users unlimited streaming access to multiple devices at once. You can enjoy streaming on all platforms, and the company offers a 30-day money-back guarantee.

GooseVPN has both streaming and peer-to-peer servers in at least 25 major countries across the world. The provider also has systems set up so that users can shop online safely without any double pricing.

goosevpn lifetime vpn account
  • Zero-log policy
  • 30-day money-back guarantee
  • Smart Safe option provides a seamless transition between locations
  • Unlimited streaming on all platforms simultaneously


protonvpn review

Occasionally, ProtonVPN will run a lifetime account auction to raise money to fund its active developments, including the support of democracy and freedom of speech. The company advertises that its lifetime account provides the most features on all future and current Proton VPN services.

There are many benefits to ProtonVPN’s lifetime account. Users automatically receive lifetime premium accounts for other offerings that ProtonMail has in place, such as ProtonVPN. Any other future services like the calendar and ProtonDrive are bundled in as well. This program also allows users to move lifetime status to any ProtonMail account, which means you retain the status if you change usernames.

Lastly, there are no restrictions on the resale or sale of any lifetime accounts. Users can typically get a higher price for their account on the secondary market.

Besides the specific benefits of the lifetime account, there are other unique features that ProtonVPN users can enjoy. Starting with the Secure Core network, which is where user traffic gets passed through. This network is in privacy-friendly zones in Iceland and Switzerland.

ProtonVPN also boasts perfect forward secrecy, which utilizes ciphers to encrypt your traffic so that it cannot get decrypted later.

  • Advanced approach to privacy
  • Perfect forward secrecy encrypts your data securely
  • The secure core network is located in privacy-friendly territories
  • Stream your content on up to 10 different devices
  • Professional support team available
  • Unlimited bandwidth and up to 10GBIT servers



VPNSecure offers customers a lifetime VPN account for $49.99 for up to 10 devices. Because of the Smart DNS feature, users can comfortably bypass any geographical restrictions that block streaming services like Hulu and Netflix worldwide.

VPNSecure runs on Mac OS X, iOS, Linux, DD-WRT, Tomato USB, Windows, and Android.

vpnsecure lifetime vpn account
  • No-log policy
  • Servers run in over 46 countries and counting
  • Supports all popular platforms and system requirements
  • Utilizes Stealth VPN to mask your traffic

Long-Term Plan Alternatives to Lifetime VPN Accounts


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If you discover that a lifetime VPN plan is not for you, many other quality VPN providers offer long-term accounts to satisfy your needs.

Ivacy VPN

ivacy vpn review

IvacyVPN is a formidable VPN provider that owns over 1000 servers in 100 locations around the world. Lifetime deals do not exist, but its 5-year plan will give you access to stream on five devices simultaneously.

Ivacy’s services allow users to unblock and stream content for their favorite sports events, television shows, and movies. You can easily bypass geographic restrictions and browse freely. Ivacy’s 5-year plan is $1.16 per month, which allows you to save 88%.

  • VPN add-on for Kodi
  • Ability to log in on five devices at the same time
  • Supports efficient peer-to-peer file sharing
  • 1000+ servers and 100+ locations around the world


nordvpn - best vpn services

The NordVPN 3-year plan for $125.64 will help secure your internet connection, even when using public Wi-Fi, cellular networks, hotspots, and more. NordVPN’s services enable you to hide your IP address and bypass any geo-restrictions while surfing online.

nordvpn 3 years deal
  • Double VPN
  • The provider holds over 5400 servers around the world
  • No-log policy
  • When VPN a connection fails, the provider enables you to shut down your site automatically to protect your data


surfshark review

Surfshark lifetime VPN plans are not available, but it offers a 2-year subscription for $1.99 per month. The provider is somewhat new to the scene, but it has secured a massive network of 1700+ servers in over 50 countries around the world in a short amount of time. Surfshark is based on the British Virgin Island, a privacy-friendly location.

The provider has a no-log policy and delivers secure online browsing. Another unique feature about Surfshark is its diverse set of applications that help make your web surfing experience as smooth as possible. This selection includes Linus, Windows, or Mac platforms. You can also experience the VPN services with some routers and smart TV’s.

Surfshark also delivers fantastic speeds and unlimited connections to the company’s VPN servers. Users can connect up to 10 devices. All in all, Surfshark offers an excellent VPN service at very advantageous prices, even if you do not go with the 2-year plan.

surfshark 2 years deal
  • Unlimited number of devices
  • Peer-to-peer sharing enabled
  • Over 1700 servers across the world
  • Locations in 50+ different countries
  • Based in a privacy-friendly territory


As you decide on the perfect VPN plan for your situation, it is always best to choose one that fits within your budget and offers you the security and peace of mind while browsing the internet. We have laid out the tradeoffs of pursuing a lifetime VPN vs. a regular subscription.

It is essential always to keep your eyes open and research the best deals. There will always be a valuable solution for your streaming needs.

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