How To Use NordVPN On Apple TV? (Quickly Explained)

Apple TV has been a popular streaming platform ever since 2007, but you may be struggling to access all of the content it has to offer due to geo-restrictions. 

One way to get around it is to use a VPN, but it’s a complicated process. In this article, we show you how to use NordVPN on an Apple TV.

To use NordVPN on Apple TV, you will have to use NordVPN’s smart DNS feature, set up a VPN on your router, use a virtual router or use screen-mirroring with a VPN-connected Apple device. This is because Apple TV lacks VPN support.

Setting up a VPN on most devices is a seamless, straightforward process. But, with Apple TV, it can get quite complicated. 

To access all available content, regardless of your location, you need a VPN. So, if you’d like to unlock the fulfill potential of your Apple TV, we’re here to help you through it. 

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How To Use NordVPN On Apple TV?

Four Ways To Use NordVPN On Apple TV

Unfortunately, most VPN services available today aren’t supported by Apple TV, but NordVPN has remained popular among users. 

Unfortunately, it isn’t a straightforward task, will require some time, and you may have to invest in new hardware as well. 

But, we’ve found four ways in which you can get around the lack of VPN support on Apple TV. Here’s how you can use NordVPN on Apple TV:

1. Use SmartDNS

smartdns diagram

One of NordVPN’s most useful features is the SmartDNS option which allows you to access all Apple TV content without restriction. 

Not all streaming services support this function, but with Apple TV, there is an easy way to get around it.

nordvpn smart dns

After you’ve signed up for your NordVPN account, you need to whitelist your IP address on your profile (specifically the IPv4 address – NordVPN doesn’t support IPv6). 

  1. Go to the “General” tab and open up the “Network” section. 
  2. Go to “Wi-Fi” select your home network and choose the manual DNS configuration option. 
  3. Set the Primary DNS to – Then set the Secondary DNS (if you can) to Save your changes and restart your Apple TV for the changes to take effect. 

While this option is relatively straightforward, you must also note that it isn’t the ideal solution, security-wise.

SmartDNS doesn’t provide the same protection as a VPN, but if you’re not concerned about security and only focus on changing your location, SmartDNS will reroute your traffic and data through a proxy server.

2. Setup a VPN On Your Router

Setup a VPN On Your Router

A VPN router is a router that supports VPN connections. In other words, any data that runs through your home network will be secured. 

A VPN-secured connection will then be made accessible to all devices that are connected to it. 

Therefore, you will be able to secure your connection and connect to remote servers directly from your router, and this will apply to all of the devices connected to your home Wi-Fi network. 

Another advantage it brings is that the router only counts as one device, and you can connect as many devices as you like to it.

So, as long as your home network remains secure, you’re able to use all of your VPN features on more devices!

However, the downside will be that you may have to purchase a new router, so it requires another trip to the shop and, of course, more money to be spent.

3. Use A Virtual Router

If you’re not willing to go out and buy a VPN router, you can also set up a virtual router with your laptop. 

Unfortunately, MacBooks do not offer this feature, so you’ll need to use a Windows device. But if you have a device that can share its network and a stable Wi-Fi connection.

The configuration involves using a spare laptop to create a hotspot. So when you connect to NordVPN, your laptop will share the broadcast signal with your Apple TV, and you can reroute your location for access to geo-restricted content.

4. Screen Mirroring With AirPlay

Screen Mirroring With AirPlay

If none of the above options work for you, there is one final play – if you own another Apple device that can support a VPN. 

All you need to do is access content on that device and make use of the screen mirroring with Airplay functionality so that you can bypass geo-restrictions on the sevice themself and merely use your Apple TV for display purposes.

How A VPN Will Improve Your Apple TV Experience

Apple TV is a streaming service that features countless award-winning series, movies, and documentaries, among a plethora of other media. 

However, Apple TV is not available in some regions, and the content varies from location to location.

A Virtual Private Network (VPN) allows you to connect remotely to one of the VPN service providers’ servers in other parts of the world. 

Not only does this offer you excellent security features, protecting your data, masking your IP address, and maintaining anonymity in your online activity, it also allows you to make it look like you’re accessing content from a different location.

This means that if you live in a part of the world where Apple TV services aren’t offered, you can switch your location to a part of the world where they are. 

Or, if you’re using Apple TV services in one region, you can access the different content that is accessible in other areas.


You can get so much more content by using NordVPN on your Apple TV, because it allows you to bypass geographically restricted content and use the service in areas where it is not offered.

However, the process of using NordVPN on an Apple TV is not very straightforward, because Apple TV does not support VPNs. There are a few ways to get around this.

You can either use the SmartDNS feature that NordVPN offers to reroute your data through a proxy server (but you will be forgoing several privacy and security features), you can set up a VPN router (but it will cost you more money, you can set up a virtual router (but you need a Windows laptop), or you can use the screen mirroring function with AirPlay (but you’ll need another Apple device.

However, once you figure out which solution is best for you, you will have unrestricted access to all Apple TV content!

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