A Complete Guide to the NordVPN Firestick Edition

If you’ve recently shopped for an Amazon Firestick, chances are you’ll appreciate a good VPN on it, namely NordVPN. If that’s the case, we’d be glad to be your guide to the NordVPN Firestick version. 

So, stick around to learn more about how to install and use it. Let’s dive in!

NordVPN Firestick: A Summary 

Only a while ago, people who owned an Amazon Firestick were able to download NordVPN on it, but it was a tricky task. Fortunately, a new version of the NordVPN app came out specifically for Fire TV, which made installation a lot easier.

Because it’s simple to use, efficient, and the most popular in it’s category, we think that NordVPN can be the perfect candidate for an Amazon Fire TV stick. 

Sure, there are other alternatives that have Fire TV apps as well, such as IPVanish and ExpressVPN.

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Yet, we’re more interested in NordVPN app, so let’s kickstart our article by explaining how to install it on your Fire TV device.

A Step-By-Step Guide to Installing the NordVPN App on Firestick

In this section, we’ll address the new and the old way to set up the NordVPN app on your Firestick in a few steps.

Installing the Firestick-Compatible NordVPN App

Of course, this is the easier method of downloading the VPN service on your smart TV. Here’s how to do it:

Step 1: Sign Up for NordVPN on Your Phone or Laptop

The first thing you should do is subscribe to the service, which you can do on your smartphone, PC, etc. Just visit the NordVPN website, enter your details to sign up for the app, and you should be good to go.

Thankfully, every subscription offers you a 30-day money-back guarantee. This gives you a chance to try the NordVPN app before committing yourself to it.

Step 2: Download the App on Your Amazon Fire TV Stick

Now, it’s time to turn on your Firestick and install the app. First, load up the home screen and select the magnifying glass icon at the top of it. Once you activate the search bar, type NordVPN into it.

Click on the NordVPN native app, which should appear first in the search results. Next, select the Get option, then wait until the download and installation processes are over. At this stage, the Get button will turn into Open, which you should click to launch the app.

Another way to open NordVPN is to click on its icon from the Apps page on your home screen.

Step 3: Install Updates and Sign In

Sometimes, an update may be available for download, so you should find a Download and Install option after the app runs. Click on it for a faster and better experience.

After that, the app will ask you to fill in your username and password, which you’ve already used to sign up in the first step. After entering those, you should be ready to use the VPN service right away.

Install NordVPN on Firestick Manually

Before releasing the Firestick version of the VPN service, people had to get the Android version of the app first. Then, they had to pair it with another app that allows touchscreen navigation on Firestick.

Of course, you’ll no longer need to use this method to get NordVPN on Firestick. Still, you may want to learn more about it just in case you need to try another VPN without a Firestick-specific app.

Let’s jump right in!

Step 1: Find the URL to the APK File of the VPN App

While this method takes longer than the previous one, it can give you the chance to download any Android app that isn’t available on the Firestick TV app store. You’ll just have to make sure that your Firestick is second-generation or later.

First, you should get access to the APK file of the VPN app. Luckily, you can always download it straight from NordVPN’s official website. Yet, controlling this app on your TV won’t be as easy as using the Firestick remote.

Thus, you’ll likely need to get a Bluetooth mouse or control input using another smart device. We’ll get to this later, though, after we discuss installation first.

Step 2: Install the Downloader App

In order to get the NordVPN APK file, you must get the Downloader app. The first thing you should do is head to the Settings at the top of the home screen. Then, choose Device and go to Developer Options.

The step after this would be to toggle ADB Debugging and Apps From Unknown Sources on.

After that, select the magnifying glass on the home page and search for Downloader. After installing the application, open it and type in the download URL to the APK file. Next, you’ll have to install NordVPN, then close Downloader after installation is over.

Step 3: Open NordVPN

Opening NordVPN from the home page or Apps page won’t be possible in this method. The reason behind this is that your TV will recognize the application as a third-party app. Thankfully, there’s a way to get around this as well.

Simply enough, go to Settings > Applications > Manage Installed Applications. Once you get there, pick NordVPN from the list of apps and click Launch Application.

Afterward, you should be able to seamlessly sign into the app and connect to a server straight away. However, for some users, things may not be so simple since the interface of the app might be harder to navigate using the remote control.

In that case, you may need a Bluetooth mouse to enable you to interact with a touchscreen app. For maximum control over the app, you may want to use a smartphone or tablet to navigate NordVPN instead. Here’s how you can do it.

Step 4: Control Your Firestick TV Remotely Using Your Smartphone

The good news is that Amazon has a few apps that allow you to use your smartphone as a remote to your Fire TV. One of our favorites is Remote for Fire TV. While it isn’t free, it’ll only cost you a few bucks.

Another alternative is CetusPlay, which is free and also available on the Fire TV app store. After taking your pick, you should download the remote control app both on your smartphone and your Amazon Firestick.

Just remember to download the application from the Amazon app store and not Google Play. Sure, you may find an app with the same icon on Google Play, but it’s not the correct one.

After purchase and installation, it’s time to put the remote control application to work. Open the app on your Firestick and ensure that the first option that shows is on. The second one that asks if the app should start on boot depends on your preference.

Then, you should notice that the word ‘Started’ has appeared near the bottom, indicating the app’s status. If you’ve reached that point, you can finally use the app on your smartphone with no trouble.

To keep your experience as smooth as possible, make sure that both your smartphone and Firestick are connected to the same Wi-Fi network.

Step 5: Open NordVPN and Establish VPN Connection

The rest is a piece of cake compared to everything else we’ve done!

Using the remote control app, open NordVPN and click the person-shaped icon to reach the sign-in page. After entering your username and password, select a location and let the app connect to it. This should take a few minutes of waiting.

As long as you don’t power down the Fire TV device or manually disconnect your VPN, the connection should stay intact.

How to speed up your NordVPN connection?

If you’re a first-time VPN user, you may struggle a little bit to find VPN server connections with fast speeds. Sure, getting there can come with continuous trial and error, but here are a few guidelines to help you achieve this more quickly.

Experiment With Your Servers

Don’t stick to one or two servers, even if the location is perfect. It’s always better to switch between servers every now and then. Again, keep in mind that the closer the server’s geographical location is to yours, the faster it should be.

Also, you should consider the load of each VPN server that you choose. You can easily check this capacity by clicking on the three dots you’ll find next to each country’s name. Once you do, you’ll be able to see a load percentage, telling you if many people are already using it.

Your best bet is to go for servers with low loads, preferably at percentages lower than 70%.

Consider Switching to a Different Protocol

Another thing you can do to increase your connection’s speed on NordVPN is to try different protocols periodically. You can do this by diving deeper into the app’s advanced settings, where you’ll be able to pick which protocol to use.

From the home screen, head to Settings, then go to Advanced Settings. Next, choose ‘I know what I’m doing’, and you’ll soon end up seeing the Protocol option. Right then, you can pick from UDP or TCP.

Go for a P2P Server

Connecting to a peer-to-peer server can enhance your experience if you need the VPN to download videos, software, etc. To do this on NordVPN, simply click on P2P under the Specialty Servers section.

Install Updates

Sometimes, forgetting to install updates can cause your connection to go slow. We don’t just mean updating your VPN app, but also whatever device you’re using it on, namely your Firestick.

Wrapping Up

Because VPNs have become an essential part of our lives, you have to learn how to use the NordVPN on Firestick. Not only is it easy to control, but it’s also a piece of cake to install, especially after following our guidance.

Once you set up the app, you can enjoy a protected VPN connection where you can finally access region-blocked content at streaming services. Feels good, right?

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