4.2 / 5.0
  • Jurisdiction: Seychelles
  • Advanced Privacy Features: Kill Switch, Port Forwarding
  • Number of Servers and Countries: 50+ Servers in 34 Countries
  • Streaming and P2P: Yes

VPNs, or Virtual Private Networks, are a fantastic way in which businesses around the world can set their employees up with a secure connection, but they are increasingly being used by other members of the public in order to access sites such as Netflix and ensure greater privacy. With so many VPNs it can be hard to choose the best one, however providers like Anonine VPN have recently burst to the forefront. Anonine iPhone compatibility and Anonine android compatibility are both verified, as is use with desktop computers. Read on for a review of this exciting VPN service.

About Anonine VPN

The Anonine VPN story starts over 11 years ago, as a group of bright Swedish software engineers pledged to create a VPN service that centred on the privacy of their users. When Swedish privacy laws was changed, they decided to up sticks and settle in Seychelles.

In doing so Anonine iPhone, Anonine Android and the broad Anonine VPN service all retained an essential control over privacy, something that has been one of the company’s main USPs since the beginning. Due to this the Anonine VPN team are very well trusted within the industry, and are emblematic of clean and transparent business.

Anonine VPN features

This VPN provider does not mess around when it comes to special features either, as the team behind Anonine iPhone and Anonine Android have implemented WireGuard protocol and Port Forwarding too. This is all in the pursuit of stronger privacy, buy it it also results in higher connectivity speeds.

Moreover, as a result of Anonine Netflix capabilities customers can also use this VPN service to unblock their favourite streaming sites such as Netflix or BBC iPlayer. Anonine VPN also contains a kill switch., which means that users can be doubly sure that none of their personal information will be comprised whilst connected, whatever happens.

Is the Anonine VPN service fast?

Customers using Anonine Netflix, in particular, will need a relatively fast service in order to buffer videos on the fly, and the good news is that Anonine VPN is definitely in the top bracket in terms of connectivity speed. The service provides over 50 different servers for people to choose from, and these are present in 34 different countries with 800 separate IP addresses.

Devices supported by Anonine VPN

These days a successful VPN provider will have to be able to support a variety of different devices and operating systems, something that the team behind Anonine VPN know full well. Anonine iPhone, Android, Mac and Windows clients are all available, therefore, as well as services for other things such as Linux.

Anonine VPN can also work with routers and ChromeOS devices, and the great thing here is that their site makes it very easy to set up across the breadth of capable platforms, making it the perfect thing for VPN beginners.

Streaming support

Whilst VPNs were used fairly exclusively in the professional business realm when they were first invented a couple of decades ago, it is now common for customers to use a VPN in order to unblock streaming sites such as Netflix, HBO or Hulu. Anonine VPN users will be happy to know that this provider offers full unrestricted access of pretty much all the major streaming sites, meaning that you will be able to watch whatever programmes you want, regardless of your true geographical location.

Torrents support

Anonine VPN is also fully equipped to provide torrent and P2P file sharing support. The company’s use of Port Forwarding technology makes the process incredibly streamlined, meaning that Anonine VPN is undeniably one of the best platforms for VPN customers looking for VPN torrenting.

How much is Anonine VPN?

anonine vpn

Now the big question: how much does Anonine VPN cost? For a VPN with this extensive range of capabilities you would expect it to be on the pricier side, however in actuality Anonine VPN comes in at a healthy $6.99 a month. Considering the unlimited nature of the date plan, as well as the myriad of features such as Anonine Netflix this resembles a fantastic deal.

User comments

After having a quick look at some Anonine VPN user comments the service seems as though it is even more respectable, with it receiving overwhelmingly positive reviews. Here are a few:

“I have this VPN for everything, on my phone, my PC, my tvbox for streaming, works great, love the kill switch option. And with the 2048-bit encryption I feel safe without people spying on me.”

“I’m surprised by such a service! Speed keeps the same even I browse a lot through the Internet and have a business-trip every week. I work in a huge company so privacy is important for me. I had to be sure that no one could have access to my personal data, even a VPN provider. Considering their privacy policy I know that every folder is under their protection. Works great, no bugs, fast enough. Recommend to everyone!”

“A friend of mine has recommended it. Already in use for 2 months, a few bugs have been noticed but quite minor ones. Installed it as on my iPhone as on PC. Nice speed, user-friendly apps, good knowledge base. Good choice for its price.”


Anonine VPN looks like it is a service that can compete with the big dogs of the VPN world, however it is still a fairly small company too, so you know that the maximum amount of care has gone into its creation!