Rating 4.0 / 5.0

Jurisdiction: Romania | 3rd party audit: Yes, by QSCert | RAM-only servers: No | Native apps: Windows, MacOS, Android, iOS, Android TV, Amazon Firestick, Linux | Simultaneous connections: 7 | Browser extensions: Chrome, Firefox | Advanced features: Kill Switch, NoSpy servers | Servers network: 6400 servers in 89 countries | Streaming and P2P: Yes | Free trial: Yes


Own “NoSpy” servers network
Works good for torrenting and streaming
Token-based dedicated IP system


There is no fresh 3rd party audit
Is not always good to bypass censorship
Higher than average price even for long term plans

CyberGhost VPN has become one of the fastest, most reliable, and affordable virtual private network providers on the market. There’s plenty to love, and it won’t make your bank account suffer.

VPNs keep your identity private and your data safe. In this CyberGhost VPN review, we’re going to discuss all the great features of CyberGhost, including how they protect your privacy, their servers and locations, and their speeds.

Let’s stop wasting time chatting and get down to business. By the time you reach the end of this article, you’ll have a good idea of if CyberGhost offers the services you need from a VPN.

What is CyberGhost VPN?


CyberGhost is a virtual private network provider. What this means is that when you access the internet on your devices, all of your data gets encrypted and passes through a private tunnel that connects your device to the server.

When your data gets encrypted, it becomes secure from intruders, and anyone else who might be interested in what you’re doing online. VPNs also mask your IP address and location so you can access geo-blocked websites.

Many people also use VPNs to help get access to websites that have been censored, including streaming movies outside your location. When you’re using a VPN, you’re protected from all sorts of yucky dangers that can occur when you’re on the internet without privacy.


Knowing where the headquarters are located for your VPN provider is an essential aspect of deciding which VPN company is right for you.

The headquarters for CyberGhost is in Bucharest, Romania. The great thing about this is that Romania is a privacy-friendly jurisdiction. Plus, CyberGhost also refuses to share your data with third-parties, so you never lose your privacy.

Privacy Policy

CyberGhost VPN gives you complete privacy while you’re browsing and streaming the internet, no matter what type of site you’re accessing.

They have no mandatory data retention laws, which means none of your data is tracked or logged. CyberGhost VPN does not keep any logs of your activity, giving you 100% privacy.

That means nothing you do is logged, including your private data, search history, or the sites you visit. CyberGhost does not keep up with anything you do, allowing you to remain complete privacy.


CyberGhost provides routine transparency reports to cover topics like legal requests, malicious activity, copyright infringement complaints, and DDoS attacks investigation requests.

This VPN provider has also passed multiple external audits, proving that it is one of the safest and most secure VPNs.

CyberGhost Device Compatibility

cyberghost devices

The CyberGhost VPN is compatible with multiple devices, including Android, Windows and Windows apps, Linux, Mac and iOS, and even router apps.

No matter what device you’re using, CyberGhost can keep you protected and secure, whether you’re watching a movie, checking your email, or purchasing a gift from a website.

Browser Extension

chrome vpn

If you want to protect yourself while using your internet browser, you can install the CyberGhost Proxy Plugin, which encrypts all the data you’re transferring through your browser.

The extension also allows you to access content that’s geo-restricted or censored. It hides your IP address for private browsing and keeps you safe from intruders while connecting to public WiFi.

Although this plugin keeps you protected from malicious content, it will not keep you safe from webRTC leaks. If you want this extra protection, you will do better with the desktop VPN, which does require a subscription. Using the browser plugin is entirely free.

vpn extension

Advanced Features

CyberGhost has advanced features to offer extra protection. They encrypt your data using 256 AES protection, which is the highest encryption sequence you can get.

  • Integrated firewall

They also use an integrated firewall, which keeps your data safely locked in a VPN tunnel, so there’s no chance of breaches. Your information gets to your delivery point without intervention.

  • Automatic WiFi protection

It also has automatic WiFi protection, which means as soon as you connect to a public or unfamiliar WiFi, CyberGhost automatically connects you to a secure VPN channel. Your data is then encrypted and sent via the secure VPN tunnel.

  • Kill Switch

Another great feature is the automatic kill switch, which blocks your internet connection until you can connect to a secure VPN server. This method prevents your IP address from being exposed and keeps you completely anonymous.

  • NoSpy Servers

NoSpy Servers are located in CyberGhost private data center in Romania. It uses high premium hardware with a dedicated uplink. All these private servers are managed end-to-end by CyberGhost team.

They use a 4096-bit RSA key combined with SHA256 authentication to ensure your data goes through a secured tunnel between your device and your final destination.

You can sync your CyberGhost VPN to protect up to seven devices at once, all for a low monthly fee.

CyberGhost Speed

CyberGhost claims to be one of the fastest and most secure VPNs on the market. There have been multiple speed tests to test the speed of CyberGhost, and the results are promising.

It seems that CyberGhost provides consistent, stable speeds across the globe. However, there are some issues with slower speeds or unreliable connections when you connect to servers that are too far away from your location.

Where CyberGhost shines with speed is for streaming. They have multiple servers solely dedicated to streaming, which is why CyberGhost is the best VPN to use for movie apps.

CyberGhost Servers


When you choose CyberGhost for your VPN, you gain access to over 6400+ servers, located in over 90 countries, and spread out over 112 different locations.

No matter where you live, you’re sure to find a secure server that keeps you protected while using the internet, regardless of if you’re connecting to your WiFi or a public connection.

Not sure which server you should choose? No problem. CyberGhost can use your location and preferences to match you with the perfect server to give you privacy, fast private torrenting, and ideal streaming.

Streaming with CyberGhost

unblock streaming

Many people use VPNs to unblock movie streaming services. CyberGhost is a great VPN to use for streaming movies, even if they’re geo-restricted from your location.

You can choose a server outside the country where you live to get access to movies from anywhere around the globe.

And you can stream from multiple apps, including:

  • Netflix
  • Hulu
  • Sling TV
  • BBC iPlayer
  • Disney+
  • Prime Video
  • ESPN
  • Spotify
  • Crunchyroll

Does CyberGhost Allow Torrents/P2P File Sharing?

CyberGhost does allow VPN torrenting. They even have specific servers dedicated just for P2P sharing. These servers are in over 80 different locations.

They even make it easy for you to pick the best choice by showing you the number of people connected to each server, so you don’t end up with one congested with traffic.

It also shows you how far away the server is from your location so you can pick one in the location you need. Remember that the further away you are, the slower your speeds might get.

To keep you protected while torrenting and P2P file sharing, CyberGhost uses advanced encryption for all your data. And they do not log any of your activity, so you have complete privacy.

However, you can only get forward secrecy on the desktop version. Many people do not care about this extra security source since CyberGhost has enough advanced security features to keep you protected.


cyberghost vpn pricing

You can’t do a CyberGhost VPN review without discussing pricing. We get that you want to find the best security protection possible, but that doesn’t mean you have to pay a considerable fee.

CyberGhost actually has very affordable pricing, no matter how limited your budget. And the longer you subscribe, the more money you save.

For example, if you only subscribe to CyberGhost VPN on a month to month basis, your fee will run you $12.99 monthly.

Now, suppose you decide to sign up for six months. Your cost will drop to $7.99 a month. And for an 18-month subscription, you’re looking at the low and affordable price of just $2.75 a month.

As you can see, the longer you subscribe, the more money you save. You can sign up for a one-day free trial. But they offer a 45-day money-back guarantee if you decide you don’t like their product.


We’ve reached the end of our CyberGhost VPN review. Our final verdict is that CyberGhost is an affordable, highly secure VPN that is perfect for streaming and torrenting due to dedicated servers.

And with so many different server locations, you can get fast speeds, reliable connections, and complete privacy, no matter where you live. You can even access geo-blocked sites and avoid snoopers and sneaky 3rd paties who want to track your activities.

With CyberGhost VPN, you can be a private user from anywhere in the world. Enjoy the peace of mind of knowing that your private data and activities aren’t being tracked or intercepted by installing a trustworthy VPN such as CyberGhost.