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Dashlane is a company changing how you manage your passwords and how you fill out forms online. Whether you’re signing in to a website or trying to make payments online, Dashlane will store your passwords, receipts and keep your data safe to access it safely anywhere, anytime.

In this Dashlane VPN review, we’ll go over this service’s features and how having a password manager and VPN bundled together is great for users.

What is Dashlane?

dashlane app

This app is a password manager that also has a built-in VPN. Dashlane is an app that stores your passwords and personal details so you can autofill forms online quickly and efficiently. Dashlane bundles the security of a VPN connection with its password manager app for its customer’s convenience.

The motto of Dashlane is to limit the amount of tedious typing you do online, which is the goal of many password management apps. If there’s ever a breach or hack that affects your data, Dashlane promises to alert you immediately and let you know what actions to take. Dashlane considers it their job to safeguard, but never sell or leverage your data, in addition to making your information readily available using any network or device once you sign into the app.

Dashlane password manager and VPN also cannot recover customer data without the user’s consent, thanks to the master password set at the beginning of the installation process. When you install the Dashlane app, you’ll get prompted to select a master password that only you know, and that is not available to Dashlane admins.

Dashlane VPN as Part of Dashlane Apps

Dashlane is not a standalone VPN, and you’ll need to use its password management app to gain access to this service. To achieve the advanced VPN features, you’ll need to subscribe to the premium plan, which comes with unlimited bandwidth and no connection limits for devices.

Dashlane uses HotSpot Shield as its VPN provider, which has a reputation as one of the fastest providers available. Depending on the servers you connect to using the Dashlane app, you’re likely to see slightly different speeds.

Dashlane also doesn’t place many restrictions on how you use the VPN and password manager so you can access your passwords as often as you wish and use the VPN for unlimited devices and content. To securely load your passwords into the Dashlane app, you can import them from your browser or another competing service and specify details for each entry.

About the Dashlane Company

about dashlane

Dashlane vows to simplify your online life while also empowering users to do whatever they want with their data. Their “zero-knowledge system” ensures that they can’t snoop on customer information or sell customer data entered in the app.

Dashlane was co-founded by Jean Guillou Guillaume Maron and Emmanuel Schalit. The company boasts a diverse team that includes people from a diverse range of backgrounds. Currently, Dashlane employs individuals from at least a dozen different countries and seeks partnerships with companies from all industries to diversify their market.

Dashlane also offers other products, like a VPN service that protects your data from privacy breaches on unsecured internet connections. This VPN service is compatible with Windows, Apple, Android, and macOS devices and offers unlimited device connections.

Dashlane Jurisdiction

Dashlane has offices in New York and Paris, but according to their support team, their jurisdiction is in Ireland, and their security white paper is posted online for curious users. The VPN service provider that Dashlane has a license agreement with, HotSpot Shield, is based in Silicon Valley.

The jurisdiction Dashlanes finds itself under will vary based on their office location, server locations, and inter-country agreements. These factors also influence its users, and their security white paper does not clearly touch on the many facets of this subject.

How Transparent is Dashlane?

Dashlane has been relatively open about their company and their work with HotSpot Shield, and they are actively searching for other partners.

The Dashlane blog does keep users up to date on important information that impacts the company and user data, such as the EU Invalidating the Privacy Shield in July 2020. Users can also expect email communications from Dashlane about important administrative issues, upgrades, and other relevant information.

In 2019, the Independent Security Evaluators (ISE) conducted their audit of Dashlane and several other companies and found some critical flaws that left users vulnerable. The report notes that there was a focus on concealing user’s data in memory on a device so that they can’t get shared with other APIs and potential malware present.

Dashlane also doesn’t expose user data on the device screen until the user clicks on that entry to prevent eavesdropping over a user’s shoulder. However, when an app’s entry gets updated, the entire Dashlane database for that user ends up stored in the memory on your device. This data is potentially retrievable as plain text, which is a problem security-wise. Dashlane claims to have since fixed these flaws and now requests bug reports and feedback from users on their website.

What Devices Does Dashlane Support?

dashlane password manager and vpn supported devices

Dashlane supports all Windows, macOS, Android, and Apple devices. To get Dashlane on any of these devices, you visit their website and download the app to get started. Once you set up your account, which you can complete without needing to enter your credit card information, you can test out the app for thirty days.

In addition to this, you can decide what device receives your security alerts, so when a website you use has a security breach, you are immediately informed. Dashlane also provides practical advice on what users should do next in response to these specific breaches.

About Dashlane VPN Features

Dashlanes’ app provides instantaneous password syncing across your devices. It can securely store and back up data, and as for VPN, it automatically prioritizes speed to find the best server available. Dashlane does not restrict the amount of data that its users can transmit through its built-in VPN connection.

Typically, whenever you transfer information over a VPN, you’ll notice a slowdown in speeds, but thanks to HotSpot Shield, this is not a problem that users experience. Their patented technology and no-logs policy make them a high-quality choice for Dashlane VPN.

Dashlane Password Manager Features

dashlane settings

The free plan has everything you need to get started, but there are more unlock features with advanced plans. There is also a business-oriented password management plan.

Regardless of the plan, you choose you’ll get to use the autofill feature and password generator on the app, which helps you keep your passwords strong and safe as you work online. You can also access your passwords from anywhere without having that data stored on your device long-term, where it’s vulnerable.

dashlane password manager

Dashlane also provides its users with a security dashboard to see which passwords are weak and view suggestions on what they should do differently. There are also instant security alerts you receive when a website you use is compromised, and an automatic password changer that updates passwords for you wherever you want.

Besides these cool tools, Dashlane also has an easy to navigate user interface that is also beautiful and finely tuned for any device.

Dashlane VPN for Streaming and Torrenting

If you get the premium plan for Dashlane, you’ll get a VPN access built-in. The VPN does not disconnect if you close the Dashlane app. You’ll need to log out for the VPN connection to terminate.

It might be possible to use this VPN access for when you want to torrent or stream content, but this is not its intended purpose. For streaming and torrenting, you’ll want to have a standalone VPN.

Dashlane VPN Pricing

If you want to get two products for the price of one, we recommend the premium plan as it offers the most significant value for the price. With the premium plan, you get VPN and the usual password manager with many features.

dashlane vpn pricing

Pricing Tiers:

  • The premium plan for individuals works out to $3.33 per month or $39.99 annually.
  • The premium family plan starts at $4.99 per month, which works out to $59.99 annually.

When you upgrade to the individual Premium plan, you’ll get all of the usual features plus unlimited passwords and devices, security alerts, and a VPN.

Individual plans start at $0, but there are limitations to consider, including:

  • A limitation of 50 saved passwords
  • Only one device can connect at a time

There is 30-days money back period if you are not satisfied with Dashlane products.

Dashlane for Business

dashlane business

Dashlane’s app is so easy to use that businesses and employees alike love using this app based on the 80,000+ five star Google Play reviews. Over 18,000 companies and 14 million users take advantage of Dashline’s app with nifty features like single sign-on and admin tools like user management, password monitoring, and reporting.

Using Dashlane for business, you can also work with directory integration and policy management to keep your business running smoothly and ensure that your employee’s data is safe and easily accessed to work efficiently.

Dashlane Standalone VPN Alternatives

If you want a standalone VPN service, there are several free VPN services and VPN services you can pay for exceptional speeds and great features. Some of these companies that offer free VPN services include:

For advanced VPN services we recommend these options:

Many of these standalone VPN alternatives are highly rated by users and experts alike. They come with small monthly fees or have a free option available with limited features. Even a free VPN with limited features can protect your data; however, you should always confirm that VPN service’s security before trusting them with your data.

NordVPN is a top-rated standalone VPN company with several plans available, and Proton VPN is a comparable service that also has a free plan option. HotSpot Shield is also on our free list and provides a super-fast service that many users find easy to use.

If you only require a standalone VPN service, then Dashlane is probably not what you need, and you can opt for one of the companies listed above. However, if you want to pair VPN security with a full-featured password manager, Dashlane is an ideal and user-friendly option with a reasonable monthly cost.


If you’ve used other password managers before, you may be wondering, is Dashlane VPN good?

Dashlane has figured out how to make an incredible password manager with a built-in VPN. This company offers several plans to suit the business, individual, and family users’ needs. To top it all off, Dashlane uses HotSpot Shields VPN services, which are fast and very reliable.

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