3.7 / 5.0
  • Jurisdiction: Cayman Island
  • Advanced Privacy Features: Smart tunneling, Kill Switch, NAT Firewall
  • Number of Servers and Countries: 100+ Servers in 39 Locations
  • Streaming and P2P: Yes, dedicated P2P servers

It’s no secret that your internet habits aren’t private. That’s why many of us use virtual private networks (VPNs). But it can be pretty challenging to find one that meets your individual needs.

That’s where FastestVPN comes in. Its customers are able to unblock the content they want access to (no matter where they live in the world). As a FastestVPN user, you’ll also be able to privately surf the internet, so your identity is protected from wandering eyes, as it gets your connection encrypted, among other great features.

In our FastestVPN review, we’re going to take a look at some facets of FastestVPN. We’ll dive deep into this company’s transparency, its features, its speed, its servers, and, of course, its cost.

What Is FastestVPN?

about fastestvpn

FastestVPN is a VPN service that follows the motto: “Reclaim your internet freedom.” The company is based out of the Cayman Islands, and it promises to help customers gain access to a secure internet experience.

In a nutshell, Fastest VPN provides its customers with online security and privacy, fast speeds, a “no logging” policy, and access to a free and open internet. In addition to all that, FastestVPN also has 24/7 live chat support in case you ever need help with its services. But let’s get into the nitty-gritty.

How Transparent Is FastestVPN?

fastest vpn

In terms of transparency, we couldn’t find a recent third-party audit report. However, FastestVPN’s jurisdiction might just be its saving grace here.

There’s a reason FastestVPN operates out of the Cayman Islands — it all boils down to the privacy laws. This VPN company’s location makes it easy for it to sidestep any regulations or laws that require VPN companies to save and record their customers’ browsing history.

Although it does save your email address, Fastest VPN doesn’t log your information, according to its privacy policy. You can read the policy here, which is laid out in plain language with an FAQ format.

What Devices Does Fastest VPN Support?

fastestvpn apps

One of FastestVPN’s most impressive aspects is the sheer number of devices it pairs with.

This VPN service works with nearly all platforms and devices, including Android, Android TV, Apple TV, Chromecast, iOS, iPhone, Mac, Roku, and Windows. You can also use FastestVPN with gaming consoles.

By merely offering a Mac VPN and a Windows VPN, FastestVPN is already covering a majority of internet users, which is a huge plus.

FastestVPN Browser Extensions

fastest vpn chrome

FastestVPN offers a few browser extensions. If you’re a Chrome user, you can install and connect the VPN services through the Google Chrome browser extension.

Luckily, Firefox fans are covered, too — there’s a handy browser extension for Firefox that does the same thing.

With both a Chrome VPN extension and a Firefox VPN extension, you can’t go wrong with FastestVPN’s services here.

FastestVPN Firestick app

vpn firestick

Although you might not realize it, a Firestick device is actually pretty useful. Once you go beyond the surface, you’ll see just how much you can do with a Firestick. Luckily, FastestVPN has a user-friendly app for Firestick. You’ll enjoy benefits like unrestricted streaming, unlimited bandwidth, online security, and of course, no speed throttling or ISP monitoring.

FastestVPN Features

We couldn’t have a FastestVPN review without discussing the features that make this company stand out from the competition.

ad blocker Adblocker

Sidebar ads and pop-ups will be an annoyance of the past. One of the many benefits of choosing FastestVPN for all your VPN needs is the fact that it includes a free adblocker with your subscription.

FastestVPN’s ad blocker will prevent those intrusive and irritating advertisements from popping up while you surf the web. It’s one of the primary features FastestVPN customers rely on, according to its website.

The ad blocker can’t be turned off, since it’s happening on the server side, but you wouldn’t want to turn it off anyway. FastestVPN uses it to block blacklisted domains based on user requests and experiences, which is a nice plus.

anti maleware Anti-malware

We often use malware as a sort of umbrella term, usually to mean software that can damage your device. However, anti-malware from FastestVPN will run by default whenever you’re using and connected to a server. This is just another protection tool in your VPN toolbox that you can enjoy with FastestVPN.

smart tunnelin Smart tunneling

As far as connectivity features go, Fastest VPN also offers a smart tunneling feature. Even when the app isn’t open, route select traffic with VPN is automatic.

kill switch Kill switch

FastestVPN’s internet kill switch is by far one of its most useful features, especially when it comes to security and privacy. This kill switch essentially makes sure your identity will never be leaked. For example, if your connection to a VPN server drops unexpectedly, the kill switch will stop the internet connection, so your identity is protected.

It’s a relief to know that your data will remain completely safe, even if the VPN itself fails.

NAT Firewall NAT firewall

Last but certainly not least, FastestVPN offers the NAT firewall. For those who don’t know, NAT stands for network address translation. This feature is responsible for blocking incoming traffic. In other words, NAT firewall, protects user from suspicious incoming connections.

Like the ad blocker, the NAT firewall doesn’t need to be activated by the user — it comes from the server side, at the backend, which is handy. Again, this feature adds another layer of protection for your internet browsing.

Is FastestVPN Fast?

With a name like FastestVPN, you would hope that the speeds are pretty fast. Luckily, that’s the case here. In general, you can expect reliable, fast speeds from FastestVPN.

From our experience, it seems like the fastest speeds were coming out of servers in the United States, the United Kingdom, and some European countries. However, there are other servers that are pretty dependably fast, too.

It’s also convenient that you can use 10 devices simultaneously and still reap the benefits of incredibly fast download speeds.

How Many Servers and Locations Does Fastest VPN Offer?

Fastest VPN provides its customers with hundreds of servers in more than 31 countries, and in over 39 locations. From Canada to Japan to the U.S. and even Singapore, FastestVPN is an all-around comprehensive option in terms of servers and locations.

Although some servers might be slower than others and some servers might be more equipped for P2P file sharing, each server is reliable in terms of VPN.

Does FastestVPN Support Torrents and P2P File Sharing?

fastestvpn torrenting

Those who enjoy torrenting can rest assured knowing FastestVPN allows P2P file sharing and torrenting.

With regards to torrenting and file sharing, FastestVPN uses UNIX-based P2P optimized servers. These servers are coupled with high speeds and unlimited bandwidth: a dream combination for those who torrent.

However, it should be noted that P2P file sharing isn’t recommended for all servers. For example, servers in countries like Australia, India, Hong Kong, and South Korea aren’t optimized for P2P sharing.

Can FastestVPN Unblock Streaming Services?

fastestvpn netflix

Some of the first questions you might ask yourself regarding a VPN include, “Does it unblock Netflix?” and “Does it unblock YouTube?” Although it doesn’t unblock all streaming services, FastestVPN does manage to snag access to many of the more popular streaming services, like Netflix. Users will be able to access streaming platforms such as Disney+ and the U.S. Netflix easily.

However, FastestVPN has a plethora of other options, including but not limited to:

  • Amazon Prime
  • BBC iPlayer
  • HBO GO
  • Crackle
  • Euro Sport

Does Fastest VPN Offer a Free Trial?

Unfortunately, one area FastestVPN lacks in is its free trial. In other words, FastestVPN doesn’t have a free trial. However, it does offer customers a 15-day, money-back guarantee. So you can purchase a plan, and if you’re not satisfied, you’ll get a full refund, making the purchase virtually risk-free.

How Much Does FastestVPN Cost?

fastestvpn pricing

FastestVPN offers a few plans that you can choose from, all of which are protected with a 15-day, money-back guarantee.

The best deal FastestVPN has to offer might be its three-year plan. You’ll save $320 by paying $1.11 per month. You’ll be billed $39.95 every three years.

The other main options include the one-month plan for $10 per month (you won’t save anything with this plan) or the one-year plan, for $2.49 per month, billed annually at $29.95 (so you’ll be saving $90).

All of these plans include benefits like:

  • 10 multi-logins (simultaneous connections)
  • 256-bit AES encryption
  • Ad blocker
  • Internet kill switch
  • Live chat support, 24/7
  • Malware protection
  • NAT firewall
  • P2P optimized servers
  • Server switching (unlimited)

You’ll be able to purchase a Fastest VPN subscription with major credit cards, like MasterCard, American Express, Discover, VISA, and JCB. You’ll also be able to pay with PayPal if you prefer.

FastestVPN 5 Years VPN Deal

5 years deal fastest vpn

In addition to its everyday pricing plans, Fastest VPN also has a five-year VPN deal. When you sign up for a five-year subscription, you’ll pay $50 — $0.83 every month — which comes out to about a 92% discount. This cheap VPN plan also comes with a 15-day, money-back guarantee and includes all the above advantages.

FastestVPN Student Discount

Imagine getting a VPN discount just for going to school. Well, if you’re a student, you’re in luck. FastestVPN provides students with an extra 20% off discount with Student Beans. All you have to do is sign up with Student Beans, verify your enrollment as a student, and reap the benefits of the student discount.

FastestVPN Alternatives


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As a VPN service, FastestVPN has a multitude of alternatives and competitors. NordVPN, Hotspot Shield, Proton VPN, Surfshark, and PrivateVPN are also significant alternatives that you might want to check out if FastestVPN isn’t marking all the right boxes for you.

Final Thoughts

All in all, FastestVPN is a good choice for a VPN service, and it’s certainly improved over time. As mentioned in our FastestVPN review, this company offers great speeds, fantastic pricing plans, and noteworthy features that we know and love.

At the end of the day, the VPN service company that’s best for you will be based on your individual needs and wants in a VPN. For us, FastestVPN certainly hits the mark in terms of what we like to see in a VPN. Although there are alternatives, FastestVPN is a solid choice for protecting your online privacy.