4.2 / 5.0
  • Jurisdiction: Gibraltar
  • Advanced Privacy Features: Multihop, Antitracker, 256 bit AES + 4096 bit RSA encryption
  • Number of Servers and Countries: 40 Locations
  • Streaming and P2P: Limited

When selecting a VPN, privacy is the name of the game. Unfortunately, all providers say basically the same thing: They promise the highest level of privacy. But how can you tell which providers actually deliver on those promises, and what’s just marketing hype?

IVPN is a welcome surprise in that they deliver far more often than not. They’re committed to customer privacy and transparency. However, they do have some drawbacks, too.

Your complete, impartial IVPN review starts right now:

What is IVPN?

ivpn works

IVPN is a relatively small VPN provider with a big commitment to customer privacy. They’re a team of 13 tech professionals, many of whom originally met while studying information security at the University of London.

They run their company with a complete commitment to customer privacy, proudly choosing their principles over opportunities to expand their business at the expense of your data.

IVPN Jurisdiction

IVPN is a decentralized company. Their 13 employees live in eight different countries.

Legally, IVPN operates out of Gibraltar, a British Overseas Territory located on the southern tip of the Iberian Peninsula. Although they’re not strictly subject to UK rule, they are members of the EU, so data is potentially shareable by the EU law.

Still, they don’t track traffic, connection duration, DNS requests, user bandwidth, or other identifying information.

Is IVPN Transparent?

Absolutely! They’re one of the most transparent VPN teams we’ve ever seen. Their entire company ownership and hierarchy information are published right on your website. Additionally, team members frequently publish privacy guides and support pro-privacy groups.

Their no-logging policy is consistently verified by independent audits. They publish these studies on their blog page at least once a year.

Finally, they avoid third-party tools and affiliates, as they could potentially monitor your activity. They even reject targeted ads. It’s refreshing to see a VPN company so thoroughly committed to user privacy.

What Devices Does IVPN Support?


It supports the usual collection of mainstream devices: Windows, Mac, iOS, Android, and Linux. Your phone and laptop are almost certainly covered without a problem. You’re allowed to use the VPN on either two or seven devices at once, depending on which plan you choose.

You can also use the VPN through your router. It supports major router types such as DD-WRT, pfSense, and Tomato. If installation feels a bit out of your league, you can also buy a pre-configured router through Flashrouters or Vilfo.

Note that they’re one of the few VPNs without a browser extension. If you mainly surf the web with your laptop or desktop, and you like the quick support found with VPN browser integration, then IVPN probably isn’t the best choice for you.

IVPN Features

IVPN’s commitment to privacy is their main focus, but they’ve also created a few interesting features you won’t necessarily find in other VPNs. At this point in our IVPN review, let’s take a closer look at some of the platform’s main features:

ivpn antitracker
  • AntiTracker

AntiTracker is its real-time ad-blocking feature. You can turn it on or off whenever you want. It requires no setup or extensions and doesn’t affect your browser at all.

You can also turn on what they call Hardcore Mode. It blocks all of your personal information and browsing habits from reaching Facebook and Google.

  • Multihop
ivpn multihop

To connect to VPN trough multiple servers

  • Clear User Interface
ivpn app

IVPN is easy to use. You click the large Connect button to automatically connect to the fastest server. You can also browse through a list to find a server in a specific location. Locations are ranked by pings.

You’ll find no search box, filters, or other clutter on the main screen. Instead, selecting a server with high ping is fast and simple. Plus, useful info, such as session length and your current protocol, are available one screen deep

Is IVPN Fast?

Determining any VPN’s influence on your internet speed gets tricky, but your true speed is influenced by your ISP, device, what you’re doing online, and many other factors.

However, we feel confident saying that IVPN is about average or slightly above average for most users. At most, you’re probably looking at a download speed reduction of 35% on the extreme side. Upload speeds are far less affected.

Servers Locations for IVPN


They maintain servers in 40 cities across 29 countries. Each server holds about five IP addresses.

Basically, IVPN provides solid coverage throughout Western Europe and North America. The US gets the best service, with the option of 12 city-specific servers, the most they offer for any one country.

If you want to use a server outside of those areas, you’ll have trouble getting a fast, reliable connection. IVPN is not the right choice if you’re in Australia, Asia, Africa, and South America. Check HMA VPN if you are looking for VPN with a big number of locations .

Is IVPN a Good Option for Streaming Services such as Netflix, BBC, and Hulu?

It’s fair but not great.

IVPN unblocks Netflix with its New York server. However, it only works on that one server. You can’t unblock Netflix through their servers in the EU, or even through other US servers.

However, it doesn’t unblock most other streaming services. You can’t use it to watch Disney+, Hulu, BBC, or other major providers. You’ll need a VPN specifically designed to work around region locks if watching streaming content is your main goal. But to unblock youtube it’s perfectly fine.


Torrenting is a bit of a reverse situation compared to streaming. You can torrent freely – except on US servers. That’s right, IVPN doesn’t allow P2P activity or torrenting on US servers, so take note if you’re in the US.

IVPN explained that they received a substantial amount of DMCA notices due to torrenting on their US servers. While they might not want to place this limit on their users, they feel they must.

What is the Price of IVPN?

ivpn pricing

IVPN is upfront about the fact that they don’t offer the lowest prices. Instead, they charge a bit more than many others because they believe they provide a superior product, and they don’t want to hit their customers with confusing upsells.

They offer two pricing plans:

  • Standard – $60 a year or $6 a month
  • Pro – $100 a year or $10 a month

Both support all protocols. The Standard Plan lets you use two devices while the Pro plan supports up to seven. Additionally, the Pro plan includes Port Forwarding and Multi-Hop.

All new customers get a three-day free trial. You can cancel for any reason during that period. Unfortunately, that’s not a ton of time compared to many other VPNs, so you want to test out all the devices you possibly want to use with IVPN.


Let’s wrap up our IVPN review by looking at the good and bad:

IVPN has some drawbacks. Their prices are a bit higher than many other providers. Plus, their coverage is subpar outside of the US and the UK. Also, they’re fairly lackluster in regards to the unblocking of streaming services.

However, they’re top-of-the-line when it comes to respecting your privacy. If you’re looking for a company you can trust to conceal your browsing history, they’re a top choice and an industry leader.