Rating 4.9 / 5.0

Jurisdiction: Switzerland | Advanced Privacy Features: Secure Core (Double VPN), Kill Switch, Tor access, NetShield (Ads and malware blocker), DNS Leak Protection | Number of Servers and Countries: Over 1200 servers in 50 countries | Streaming and P2P: Yes

ProtonVPN is one of the most well-known names in VPN industry. This ProtonVPN review will show you what the VPN does and if its features will be the best option to help keep your information safe on the internet.

Proton Technologies AG started in 2014, making the internet safe and secure for everyone. To achieve this goal, they offer multiple tiered plans, including an entirely free VPN option. With all these options, you can find a plan that works well for your specific needs. 

Seeing the best and worst features in this ProtonVPN review will let you decide whether or not ProtonVPN is right for you. 


Swiss based
3rd party audited
Secure Core – Double VPN
Fast and Safe Protocols 
Free Option With Unlimited Data
Tiered Plan Options
TOR Access
Strong Focus on Privacy and Security


Higher price
Not so many locations
Can Get Blocked by Some Streaming Companies
No Phone or Chat Support
Can Be Difficult to Use on Some Devices
No Dedicated IP Available

ProtonVPN Review

Even with numerous advantages, there are some features that ProtonVPN lacks. For example, if your main concern online is privacy ProtonVPN is a great option. However, if streaming is more important, there may be other VPNs out there.    

The Verdict

ProtonVPN is one of the most trusted, privacy-centric VPNs that you can use. Developers built the whole system on the concept that everyone should be able to use the internet with some privacy and safety. You gain that extra security with almost every feature from ProtonVPN.

Based in Switzerland, ProtonVPN can offer users some of the best privacy protection features. These features include not logging any data when you use their servers. They take internet privacy seriously and want to help you use the internet more safely. 

When you use ProtonVPN, you gain world-class encryption and super safe VPN protocols. These help keep your information private. It offers specialized servers for torrenting so you can use P2P safely. 

Regarding security, ProtonVPN excels. Not only is the virtual data safe, but even the physical hardware is secure. They built their servers into former fallout shelters that are over 1000 meters underground. 

If you need even more security, you can use Secure Core servers to access multi-hop technology. Using these servers helps hide your information even more thoroughly. You can also access The Onion Router. Utilizing ProtonVPN with TOR can securely open up more of the internet for you to use. 

For those looking mainly to access geo-restricted material, ProtonVPN can do that, but it isn’t optimized for that function. It’s a nice add-on to the privacy you get with the VPN. If streaming is your primary goal, though, you may want to look at other VPNs. 

You can feel safe and secure using this VPN. ProtonVPN has passed two independent audits. They also believe in transparency and use only open source codes that anyone can examine. ProtonVPN is a very trusted privacy VPN. 

About ProtonVPN

protonvpn office
Proton Technologies AG head office in Geneva, Switzerland

Proton Technologies AG was founded in 2014 by a group of CERN scientists. It started as a crowdfunded project dedicated to bringing security and privacy to everyone on the internet. The company still uses community input and support to make the most out of the VPN. 

The company started with ProtonMail and later made ProtonVPN. Last year they also added ProtonDrive, which is still in beta, but current VPN users can try it. You can use each of these programs to encrypt and secure your data. They allow users to keep their privacy online.  

ProtonVPN prides itself on providing a VPN that puts privacy first. It uses proven protocols and layered encryption that help keep your data as private as possible. Many of their servers allow you to use multi-hop features to keep your info even more obscured. 


ProtonVPN is based out of Switzerland. It is known for having some of the most robust and secure privacy laws in the world. These laws mean that no third-party can demand ProtonVPN turn over any data or information. 

Switzerland also doesn’t require data retention for VPN companies. These laws are why ProtonVPN can have a no-log policy. They don’t keep any information about your activities on the internet. The country is known for privacy, making it very popular when trying to keep your data secure.  

Laws can change in the future, but because ProtonVPN doesn’t currently keep any logs, they have no information to share about past use. The company’s transparency will warn users if the laws change, so you can adjust before new regulations occur.   


Transparency is crucial to a VPN, and there is a dedication by ProtonVPN to be fully transparent. You can see this transparency in their open communication about their corporate policies and current threats.

Gaining access to all the information about the company and their property allows user to make their own decisions about the VPN. The info enables you to trust that the company is using the best practices with your data.  

Open-source software reviews and external audits help prove that the company is being honest, and ProtonVPN has passed both. You can use the VPN knowing that it can do what it promises. 

Open-Source Software

A group of scientists and engineers founded ProtonVPN, and they understand the importance of peer review. By making their software code open-sourced, they allow everyone to investigate their programs and apps. In turn, this information helps ensure safety and security. 

Everyone can test their software and make sure that it is safe and secure. If anyone discovers a problem, ProtonVPN can warn its customers and fix the problem. You can only resolve issues you know you have. This community support helps keep the whole VPN safer. 

It also allows customers to make sure that ProtonVPN is doing what they claim to do. Users can check code to see if the company keeps data logs, tracks your usage, or breaks any other promises. You know that the app you install on your device from ProtonVPN does what it claims and doesn’t do anything more. 

You can find ProtonVPN’s code on GitHub. Even if you can’t study it directly, there are plenty of independent reviewers who have shared the information they gathered with the rest of the community. When there are problems, ProtonVPN has fixed them very quickly. 

Logging Policy

Thanks to ProtonVPN’s Swiss jurisdiction, they are not required to keep any connection logs. They also can not be forced by a third-party to gather targeted information from their users. These rules help you browse with confidence in your privacy because the VPN keeps no info. 

The VPN doesn’t even have to log any data usage because there are no data limits or caps. The lack of logs means that they keep no information about any of your internet connections. Even if laws change in the future, your current activity will be safe. 

External Audits

If you aren’t tech-savvy enough to check the code yourself, ProtonVPN also has external audits you can read to see how safe their VPN is for all the apps they use. Mozilla and SEC Consult have performed these reviews.

These audits are available for you to review. They cover all aspects of the programs and the apps so that you can be sure that they do what they promise and don’t overstep their utility. If the audit found any problems, the company fixed them and had them retested.

Audits are time and resource-consuming, but they also help a VPN gain the trust of their users. VPNs can gain a lot of information about their clients, so it is essential to use a VPN that you know you can trust.  

Third-party audits help guarantee the features, security, and function of ProtonVPN. It allows you to use the VPN with confidence that it can keep your information and your data safe. It is an extra step that ProtonVPN takes to help give you peace of mind when using their product. 


ProtonVPN is known for features that make it super safe and private. It does this by employing state-of-the-art VPN protocols and high-level multi-layer encryption. The whole system allows you to gain protection online while still doing everything you want to do. 

The VPN also offers a ton of helpful features that will make your web user experience better overall. These include an ad blocker, Tor over VPN, a kill switch, and Peer to Peer servers. ProtonVPN works for you so that you can enjoy the internet safely. 

Servers in Many Locations 

When you use ProtonVPN, you gain access to 54 countries and over 1,200 servers. All these servers allow you to find a high-speed connection anywhere you may want to use. You can use many of the most popular streaming libraries, and you will have the speed to stream them in high quality. 

Secure Core Servers 

ProtonVPN double vpn

ProtonVPN Secure Core Servers are located in many of the higher-risk locations that ProtonVPN has servers. With Secure Core, traffic passes through multiple servers. Doing this makes it even harder to track your information and IP address. 

This multi-hop system helps protect your privacy even more. It is a great way to protect you and your data. 

However, multi-hopping does slow down your connection speeds. It is a useful option, especially when privacy is your top priority. If you plan on streaming or downloading, though, it may not be the best option for you. 

Kill Switch

ProtonVPN kill switch

ProtonVPN has a kill switch. If you are using the internet with your VPN and anything happens to your connection, you automatically stop sending and receiving data. Blocking your connection means that you won’t be sending your information unprotected. 

Kill switches are essential if you plan on using P2P or peer-to-peer downloads and seeding like torrents. The kill switch helps keep your IP safe and secure. The kill switch stopping your connection when your VPN turns off is vital to maintaining your privacy. 

Once you know you’re not on the VPN, you can override the kill switch so you can stay on the internet. You still have full control, and you decided what data you will send out if you are unprotected. 

Peer-to-Peer Servers 

ProtonVPN p2p servers

ProtonVPN P2P offers specific servers for torrenting. These servers can handle the bandwidth it takes to download massive files. They also use security features to help you keep your privacy while downloading files. 

These servers help make ProtonVPN very P2P-friendly. Being able to torrent without sharing your IP address makes the activity safer for everyone. 

DNS Leak Prevention 

ProtonVPN dns leak protection

The Domain Name System or DNS allows you to use keywords in your address bar to access websites and searches. Usually, DNS is created by someone else, and they can track information and queries you put in the search bar. 

When you use your DNS with ProtonVPN, you aren’t accessing third-party info that others may track. Instead, your search takes place on ProtonVPN’s private DNS. This feature keeps all of your query information from being used by outside entities. 

Leak prevention protects your search queries so that no one can track where you are going and what you are looking for online. This feature helps keep more of your information private.  

Incredible Encryption 

Encryption isn’t the most exciting feature, but it is one of the most essential. ProtonVPN uses multiple encryptions to secure your information. It starts with AES-256 on all your traffic. This encryption is your first layer of protection on everything you send and receive.

For key exchange, you add 4096-bit RSA. It helps stop anything that tries to read your inputs by scrambling all of them. Then the VPN uses HMAC with SHA384 for message authentication. This encryption lets you know if anyone edited the messages you are sending or receiving. 

All these encryptions work together to help keep your information secure. Every additional layer adds to the overall security of your data. Even if someone can get access to your info, the encryptions help keep it safe and private. 

State of the Art Protocols 

ProtonVPN uses protocols that are proven to be safe. These include IKEv2/IPSec and OpenVPN. These help keep all your information safe but still give you fast server speeds so you can do everything you want to do online. 

Though there are other protocols out there, many of them are unproven or only have limited testing. The protocols that ProtonVPN uses have all held up to rigorous testing. They are open-source codes that people can study and test independently. You know that the protocols they use have held up to many different situations. 

Open-Source Transparency

You don’t just have to believe ProtonVPN when they talk about their security. They use open-source code for all their products, so you can check it and verify that it does what they claim. The company believes in transparency for all its products and programs. 

This transparency and openess allows you to make sure that the VPN is only doing what it claims to do and not overstepping its boundaries. It helps ensure that it is not keeping data or harvesting information from your devices and networks. 

ProtonVPN has also shown that they share information about threats and problems that they have found. Knowing the issues allows you to take action to protect yourself and your data. It is helpful and vital to a VPN’s utility. 


ProtonVPN tor network

You can use The Onion Router (TOR) on ProtonVPN. This ability allows you to access many sites that may not be available everywhere. It also gives you the safety and security of your VPN while you are using these sites. 

TOR over VPN can also allow you to access Onion sites on any browser you choose. You may have to configure your browser slightly, but ProtonVPN helps you do that. 

Some sites are only available using TOR. You can gain the freedom of using TOR, but you can avoid many of the problems. Using TOR with ProtonVPN helps make the entire internet safer, all with just a click of a button.   

Ad Blocker 

ProtonVPN netshield

ProtonVPN gives users an ad blocker that can help protect them from ads, malware, and tracking programs. Netshield can help speed up your browsing by stopping annoying pop-ups from slowing down your load screens. 

Netshield offers three different modes that can help you when you’re browsing online. There is don’t block, block malware only, and block malware, ads, & trackers. By default, block malware only is on. You can turn it down if you need it, or you can turn it up if a site gets annoying.

The ad blocker is a useful feature that helps you access more sites with fewer problems. Sometimes ads can distract from the material you are trying to consume. Netsheild can make pages more helpful.

Forward Secrecy 

Every time you log on to ProtonVPN, it gives you a unique key for your encryption. This security means that even if your encryption gets cracked, a new login will change the code and get you back to a safe connection. 

You only ever use a key for one session, making it impossible to use old data to decrypt a current session. This feature helps keep your information safe and secure. 

High Speed

Due to the high-security encryptions, speed is critical to keep your VPN experience positive. ProtonVPN speeds guarantee a minimum of one Gbps connection for every server. Some of the most in-demand servers get up to ten Gbps.

The company uses multiple servers in many of the most popular locations. It allows you plenty of options to find high-speed connections.  

These large bandwidths allow you to use the best encryptions and still have high-speed internet. It helps ensure that you can do everything you want online while keeping your privacy. 

Full Disk Encryption

The ProtonVPN servers all have full disk encryption. It helps protect the minimal amount of information on these servers. All of ProtonVPNs data is covered with encryption to keep it safe. 

This encryption removes another avenue that third-parties can use to gain information on you and your activities. It adds another layer of security to all your data and information. 

Easy to Use 

Not everyone is a computer expert, and you don’t have to be one to get a wonderful user experience from ProtonVPN. Easy-to-use apps let you utilize your VPN with a single click of the mouse after installation. 

You can have the extra protection that ProtonVPN offers with minimal effort. There is even an option to find the best servers for you to use. It makes it even easier for you to use the security of the VPN. 

Even though it is very easy to use, you can still configure the VPN if you want that option. You can choose to customize ProtonVPN to your specific needs. You pick how involved you want to be with ProtonVPN. The VPN can be as easy as a single click, which allows everyone to use it. 

Professional Support

If you have any problems with ProtonVPN, you can get your questions answered by professional support. Request support at any time, and someone will help you fix the problem and get back to using the internet securely. 

ProtonVPN support is all done via email. There is no phone number or live chat. However, there is a library of helpful troubleshooting material and forums that offer community insight. If talking to a person is your preferred support, ProtonVPN may not be able to help. 

Secure at the Hardware Level 

Not only is all your information secured from virtual threats, but it is also safe from physical attacks. The company’s servers are located in three highly secure physical locations. 

The server in Switzerland is located in a former fallout shelter more than 1000 meters underground. In Iceland, the server is on a former military base, and in Sweden, it is in a secure underground location. 

Even the physical hardware has security around it. Physical security may not be as crucial as cybersecurity, but it is nice to know. It is one more security layer that helps make ProtonVPN one of the most secure VPN options available.  

Popular Features ProtonVPN Is Missing

As you have seen in this ProtonVPN review, the company has a lot of useful features that help make it an advantageous option for a VPN. However, there are some features that it is missing that you can get with other VPNs. 

Here are some of the most useful options featured on other VPN providers that ProtonVPN lacks. 

Unlimited Simultaneous Connections 

With the highest plan on ProtonVPN, you can gain ten simultaneous connections. Ten is a decent amount of connections. However, on some VPNs, you get unlimited connections for paid tiers. 

The extra connections can be significant if you plan on using your VPN with a large family with multiple devices. Ten can be very helpful, but some VPNs give you much more. 

Dedicated IP Address

Dedicated IP addresses can help you avoid the bad neighbor effect that comes with some VPN servers. VPN shared addresses have been entirely blocked by specific companies. Most often, these are financial institutions and streaming services. 

Even though VPN companies work hard to keep their shared IPs from getting blocked, a dedicated IP can help make it easier to use specific sites. Having the option to choose a dedicated IP can be very important for some applications.  

Many VPNs make dedicated IPs an additional feature for a fee. However, ProtonVPN doesn’t give users an option to use a dedicated IP address. 

Streaming Specific Servers 

Streaming specified servers can maximize speed while still offering security options. These are also regularly changed servers so that they can bypass blocks so you can watch all your shows. 

ProtonVPN does have Plus servers that are better at gaining access to streams. However, there is no change to the protocols or speed for these servers, so they aren’t optimized to make streaming the priority.

The lack of streaming servers makes ProtonVPN less useful for streaming than some of the other popular VPN options that are out there. You can still use ProtonVPN for that feature, but you may want to look elsewhere if streaming is your primary concern.

Browser Extensions 

Though you can use ProtonVPN on many different platforms, there are no browser-specific extensions for the VPN. For most situations, this isn’t a big deal. The VPN on the operating system is often enough to help most users. 

Some may want to have browser extensions that would only cover information shared on the browser. The lack of extensions could annoy some users if you specifically need a browser extension. 

You can manually configure your browser to work with ProtonVPN, but that takes some technical ability. There isn’t a simple click-to-use browser extension. 

Simultaneous Connections

ProtonVPN offers four different tiers that you can choose from to use their VPN. Each one provides a different amount of devices you can connect at one time. These devices include computers, laptops, routers, and mobile devices. 

You max out at ten devices with the Visionary plan. Ten is a good amount of simultaneous connections. You also have options that give you two devices and five devices. The free plan lets you connect one device. 

Having the option for more devices may be very important, especially if you are trying to get a VPN for your whole family. It is important to figure out how many devices you plan on using at the same time to determine how many simultaneous connections you need.  

If you use your VPN on your router, that only counts as one device, even if you connect multiple devices to that router. It can help protect even more devices at once. You have to configure your router manually, and ProtonVPN shows you how to do it.     

Supported Devices

You can use your ProtonVPN on many different devices. There are apps for the most popular operating systems. 

You can also manually set up the VPN on devices that don’t have an app designed specifically for them. Manual setup is harder to do, but it can help you connect every device you want.   

Native Apps

When ProtonVPN started, it only had a Windows app. Soon there were releases for apps for ProtonVPN Mac, ProtonVPN iOS, and ProtonVPN Android. There are now native apps for Windows, macOS, Android, Linux, and iOS. 

There are also apps for Chromebook and Android TV. You can download these apps at the different app stores for these operating systems. 

Originally you had to configure ProtonVPN Linux. Now there is an app you can use to make it easier to install and use. 

The ProtonVPN Firestick uses the Android TV app, but you can’t download it on the Amazon app store. ProtonVPN offers step-by-step instructions for how to use your VPN with Firestick

Once you have the app, turning on the VPN is as simple as logging in and clicking a button. Native apps are one of the most straightforward ways to use the VPN. 

Browser Extensions

There are many ways that you can use your ProtonVPN with browsers, including some of the most popular like Firefox, Chrome, Safari, and many others. There are no official extensions for these browsers from ProtonVPN. 

Users have made a ProtonVPN Chrome extension. ProtonVPN does not support it. It can be helpful, but it isn’t a perfect option. 

The lack of extensions can make using the VPN only on a specific browser more complicated. The app for your operating system will cover browser traffic, but it also covers all other internet-connected programs. 

Manual Settings

Manual settings allow you to set up ProtonVPN on almost any device that will enable you to connect to OpenVPN or IKEv2. You can use these manual settings on some routers and on many different devices, especially ones that don’t have native apps. 

ProtonVPN doesn’t suggest manual settings for people who aren’t comfortable with tech. However, if you feel comfortable with the tech, this is a useful option to connect almost all your devices. 

Servers Network

ProtonVPN servers

ProtonVPN offers users a very extensive network of servers. You can connect to 54 different countries. Many countries have multiple server locations for you to pick. You gain the ability to use geo-restricted content, like streaming libraries, from all of these locations. 

You can connect to over 1,200 servers. It allows you to find a server that is running fast for whatever you are trying to do. The server options let you stay connected at high speeds and still gain VPN protection.  

When you log on to the VPN, you can choose the server yourself, or ProtonVPN can pick the server for you. If you want to use a specific location or server, you can do that, but it will choose one automatically if you just want a faster connection. 

The network offers Secure Core servers in many countries which connect you through a series of networks. There are also specific servers for P2P connections and TOR in many countries. ProtonVPN maximized these dedicated servers to make those activities better. 

There are multiple servers available to the most popular locations. These servers make it easier to find high-speed connections when you want to use specific places. There are bigger server networks out there, but ProtonVPN offers a decent amount of options to help you connect. 


ProtonVPN has streaming on its top two plans. You can attempt to stream on other plans, but streaming services block many other servers. You can access many of the different libraries offered by the streaming services in the 54 countries that ProtonVPN has servers. 

Once you connect to a Plus server, you will access the geo-restricted content from these servers’ locations. You can watch shows on different local libraries for Netflix, Hulu Plus, 

Disney Plus, HBO Max, and others. 

Netflix has been notorious for blocking different VPN servers. ProtonVPN Netflix streaming does an excellent job of staying ahead of the blocks. The Plus servers remain on top of blocks and work on finding a way around them. 

There is a handy guide that shows you where you can access all your favorite streaming services and which servers play them the best. This access allows you to watch your favorite shows no matter where you happen to be. 


The nature of torrenting can make them very dangerous for your security and privacy. Anyone who is downloading the same torrent can see everyone’s IP addresses. With your IP addresses, people can attempt to get much more of your information. A VPN can help keep this info private.

ProtonVPN torrenting gives you more privacy. It helps keep your IP address private, so third-parties can’t use it to track you down. The kill switch feature stops all data transfer if the VPN goes down, which helps keep your information private at all times. 

Even if you aren’t worried about your privacy, many ISPs will monitor accounts and throttle speeds for people they suspect are torrenting. This throttling can slow down all of your downloads. Using ProtonVPN, you can avoid this throttling and download at full speed.

Using torrent-specific servers on ProtonVPN, you will be able to download your torrents at top speed every time. It will also keep your IP safe. It is a constructive way to use torrents as safely as possible with just a few clicks.  


There are some popular and useful VPN alternatives to ProtonVPN. Some of these other options are better at some features, like streaming, and some offer the user more server locations.

When it comes to privacy and security, these other options are good but not as good as ProtonVPN. If security isn’t your focus, and instead you want to stream, some of these other VPNs may help you more. 

Here are two VPNs you can use if you are looking for one specializing in other areas. 



ExpressVPN lets you log in to servers in 94 countries. You can also choose from 160 unique locations. This extensive network can be beneficial if you are trying to gain access to certain geo-restricted content. 

There are no official numbers on how many servers ExpressVPN offers because they focus more on how many different locations they offer. Most of their locations offer multiple servers, very few people have a problem with the network’s speed. It indicates that there are a lot of servers in their system. 

You also gain access to ExpressVPN’s speed test. You can test all the servers’ speeds and determine which ones are running the fastest. The speed test can help you choose the right server to maximize your internet use. 

With ExpressVPN, you get features that help you keep your data private with great encryption options and protocols. It works on most platforms, and many routers have options to load ExpressVPN. 

The large network of ExpressVPN locations makes it an excellent option if you want to stream a lot of geo-restricted media. You can access many different libraries of streamable content. Multiple locations in the same country allow you to see live sporting events.  

You can stream your media on high-speed servers that allow you to watch your shows in the highest quality output. You will be able to find the fastest servers with ease in any of the locations you are looking to use. 



NordVPN gives users the ability to log into 59 countries on over 5,000 servers. You can use six devices simultaneously. NordVPN is packed with features, such as dedicated servers for P2P, double VPN, and obfuscated VPNs. Using these perks, you can get a decent amount of security. 

With NordVPN, you can decide if you want to increase security or increase speed. Being able to choose can be very important depending on your activity. It allows you to customize your service for what you want the VPN to be able to do. 

If steaming is your main concern, you can optimize speed and lower security. If you need protection, you can use the double VPN and make sure it is very safe. Being able to customize your VPN makes it incredibly versatile. 

NordVPN is a popular VPN option for streaming and torrenting. It offers a fair amount of security and privacy while still offering extremely high speeds. 

Other Swiss VPNs

If you enjoy all of the perks that come from having a Swiss jurisdiction, but you don’t want to use ProtonVPN, there are some other Swiss VPNs that you can pick. These VPNs get the same privacy law protection but offer some different features that can be useful. 

Some Swiss VPNs are more focused on speed, and some are more focused on privacy. Here are some other options that may be able to help you out. 



VyprVPN is based in Switzerland and offers users a very private and secure experience. They use cutting-edge protocols like WireGuard that help make them extraordinarily fast. Thanks to Switzerland’s privacy-friendly laws, they are not required to keep logs which help keep you private. 

They offer an extensive server network that includes options in over 70 countries. The servers give you options for a lot of different streaming libraries. VyprVPN also only uses private servers. These private servers are a huge advantage because it limits how many parties may be able to see your data. 

VyprVPN also offers a VPN Cloud option that allows you to access many of your cloud storage systems with added protection. Connecting to other companies’ clouds is a unique feature that can be very helpful, especially if you constantly pull information from your cloud network. 

VyprVPN is a unique option that offers specialized features and fast speeds. It is useful for anyone looking for speed to stream and download but still wants some added privacy and security. 



PerfectPrivacy is a VPN option that has servers in 25 different countries. You can cascade your internet through up to four other VPN connections. This multi-hop option allows you to gain a ton of security and privacy with everything you are doing online. 

The StealthVPN option offered by PerfectPrivacy makes it exceptionally good at avoiding detection by anyone trying to block the use of VPNs. The VPN does this by masking VPN packets, making them harder to find than some other networks. 

The service offers protocols that allow you to connect to servers faster for things like streaming and torrenting. Switzerland privacy laws protect all of your activity, enabling the VPN to be free of logs. 

If privacy and security are your top concerns, PerfectPrivacy is a great option for you. The company is dedicated to keeping all of your information safe and secure. They have features that can give you an extra level of privacy that can be very helpful.

When you’re trying to use the VPN in places where they are restricted or where third-parties block them, PerfectPrivacy’s StealthVPN can be vital. It allows you to hide your VPN usage and keep your data safe and private.   

Reddit On ProtonVPN

Many people have ProtonVPN reviews on Reddit. There are plenty of comments, questions, answers, and complaints from people who have used the VPN.  

ProtonVPN review Reddit threads offer unique insight from people that post independently. 

For example, the user XX37 says that the free ProtonVPN seems too good to be true, and they seem to be ready to try out a premium upgrade. 

Likewsie, user JackTheScripter loves the fact that ProtonVPN got an independent audit and that they use open-source code. They feel it makes ProtonVPN more trustworthy.   

User 3018 likes how much they get for a fair price and mentions one of the downsides to the free plan.

On the other hand, user Jnagyjr wasn’t thrilled that ProtonVPN could not access Vudu overseas. Still, they enjoyed the speed. 

User BrianWilcox uses both the VPN and the Mail. They enjoy both of them and like the paid features. 

Finally, you have user HezenCorrective who has tried many different VPNs and finds ProtonVPN to be their favorite. 

As you can see, many Reddit users like ProtonVPN. There are many more Proton VPN reviews on Reddit, and there are studies of the open-source code that you can read to understand how the VPN works. 

ProtonVPN Free

ProtonVPN offers a free option for all users. A ProtonVPN free review shows it is a limited option, but it allows you to use many of the privacy and security features of the VPN without having to spend money. 

Your information is protected, but you can’t use a lot of the extra features that the premium plans offer. ProtonVPN is well respected and known for its high-security standards. 

It only works on one device, and it is limited to servers in three ProtonVPN free countries. These countries are The US, The Netherlands, and Japan. You get unlimited data on the free plan, which is very helpful, but they throttle the top speeds available. 

The speed throttling makes it almost impossible to stream on the free plan. Even if you try to watch media, many of the streaming companies have blocked the free servers. If you want a VPN for streaming, the free plan will not work for you.

There is no P2P sharing on the free servers. This restriction makes the free option unusable for torrenting and other file-sharing activities.  

The free ProtonVPN doesn’t use ads, which is a useful feature. Money earned from premium customers funds the free option. You don’t have to worry about ProtonVPN taking your info and selling it to ad companies so they can target you.

The free features are entirely free and provided by ProtonVPN because it believes the internet should be safer for everyone. You can use this service if you want to add privacy to your online activity, absolutely free. 


Pricing for ProtonVPN comes in four different tiers. You can choose from the Free, Basic, Plus, and Visionary. You can pick your plan and buy it by the month, year, or two-year options.

There are some savings for a one-year subscription, and you can save up to 33% by getting a two-year subscription. You can also sometimes find deals or a Protonvpn coupon that can save you even more money on the plans. 

The basic plan gives you two devices, and it lets you use faster speed on the servers. P2P servers on the basic plan allow you to use torrents. 

The Plus plan gives you the ability to use five devices on the servers full ten Gbps of speed when available. It also has servers that do better with streaming. This option allows you to enjoy all the features ProtonVPN has to offer.

The Visionary plan gives you ten devices at once. You also can use everything in the Plus plan and the Visionary ProtonMail account. ProtonMail gives you a ton of extra features on their secure email plans. It is a great option and significant savings if you need both the VPN and the email features. 

30-Day Money-Back Guarantee 

There is no ProtonVPN free trial. The free plan allows you to test the privacy features. If you want to try more of the features, they do offer a 30-Day money-back guarantee. If you use it and find that it is not helpful for what you are trying to do, you can get a full refund. 

You have to enter your credit card information for this trial, and if you don’t want the service, you have to cancel it in the first 30 days to get your money back. This guarantee allows you to try ProtonVPN without risking any money if you don’t like it. 

Other Products From Proton Technologies AG

Proton Technologies AG offers a few other products that help you protect your privacy on the internet. 

Their original product is ProtonMail, and their newest product is ProtonDrive. These products help continue the company’s mission statement of keeping the internet safe and private for everyone.  


Proton Technologies AG’s first product ever was ProtonMail. Private communication is critical to maintaining privacy on the internet. The ProtonMail app uses the same transparent, open-source coding as the VPN. The community can test its product to ensure its safety. 

ProtonMail encrypts communications at both ends. They also offer users a lot of privacy with their email address because they don’t log your IP, and they don’t ask for private information. 

The company made ProtonMail because of their belief that privacy is a fundamental right for everyone on the internet. The system is easy to use, and it uses a modern display. You can do everything you can on other email sites and gain a lot more privacy with ProtonMail.

They offer a free account, and you can upgrade your account to get extra features like more storage and higher message per day limits. With the Visionary tier, you gain access to ProtonMail and ProtonVPN. Using both will help you maintain your privacy online. 


ProtonDrive is an end-to-end encrypted cloud storage system. It is currently available to users of ProtonVPN and ProtonMail on the Visionary tier and the Plus tier with a one or two-year plan. It allows you to back up sensitive files and keep them private. 

Right now, the system is still in beta testing. It has encryption and storage, but ProtonDrive is currently adding features. Proton Technologies AG sees this secure cloud system as the next step in providing a private internet experience for all users. 

Right now, you can get five GBs with your Plus plan and twenty GBs with your Visionary plan. The system plans on adding tiers and storage sizes during its development. They have not yet listed what storage options may become available soon. 

Currently, you can use ProtonDrive to keep your cloud storage safe and private. Encryption and security are the primary focus for developers. You will see other features as ProtonDrive continues to grow. ProtonDrive pairs well with ProtonVPN and ProtonMail. 


During this Proton VPN review, you saw all the ways that the VPN specializes in privacy. The VPN’s main features keep your data and information safe and secure. It offers many other features that make it a well-rounded VPN. 

ProtonVPN is based in Switzerland, which affords them some of the best privacy laws you can find. They passed two independent audits and allowed users to check their open-sourced code. All of this adds to the company’s transparency that keeps their users informed. 

Using ProtonVPN, you encrypt all your information, and you protect your IP address when you use the internet. It also gives you options for streaming and torrenting from over 54 different countries so that you gain access to a bunch of media libraries.

ProtonVPN is a reliable VPN option that gives you a ton of useful services. Its goal is to keep your data safe on the internet. Using ProtonVPN will help you maintain your privacy while still doing everything you need to do online.  


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