VPN Unlimited

vpn unlimited
3.7 / 5.0
  • Jurisdiction: USA
  • Advanced Privacy Features: DNS Firewall, Kill Switch, Private VPN Servers
  • Number of Servers and Countries: 500+ Servers across 80+ Locations
  • Streaming and P2P: Limited

A virtual private network, or a VPN, is a solid step towards achieving online privacy. When you log into public WiFi networks, you make your private information vulnerable to intruders, marketers, and other 3rd parties.

With VPN software in place, you can keep valuable data private.

Today, a number of companies are competing for safeguarding your information using a VPN. This VPN Unlimited review will explore one of these options to give you a better grasp on its quality.

What is VPN Unlimited?


VPN Unlimited is a VPN service that promotes privacy, security, and uncompromising speed. Their impressive features and packages are promising, as are their host of big star reviews from PCWorld, Cnet, and ZDNet.

VPN Unlimited keeps your internet connection private and secure, but it also offers a Malware Detection program to increase your overall protection. Their impressive DNS Firewall can identify problematic websites that try to get private information, and it automatically blocks the activity before any harm is done.

When you sign up with VPN Unlimited, you can access any WiFi network you’re within range of without having to worry about whether it’s a secure network. Your personalized decoy IP address partners with encrypted data to keep it safe.

Jurisdiction & Privacy

VPN Unlimited adheres to a no-log policy. What this essentially means is that this application does not gather, store, or use any of your private information that goes through the service.

Custom KeepSolid Wise VPN protocol creates additional layer of VPN connection availability and privacy.

keepsolid wise vpn protocol

Generally, a standard VPN log would include any data that has been transferred through the system. This information can include system performance and user activities.

However, since VPN Unlimited is a declared no-log VPN, it delivers a company guarantee that they’re not collecting any personal information. Their policy ensures the complete and total privacy of all of their users by not saving activity or private details.

The policy specifically points out areas of information that it does not collect and save, such as browsing histories, metadata, downloads, data content, and server usage. It will store your IP address during a VPN system simply to make sure the application is functioning properly, but after your session ends, they release that info.

While this all sounds pretty good, there are a few flags that pop up in their privacy statements. For example, the company states that it may collect personal information to include names and contact information from third parties. They say that though they do not save payment information, they do gather payment histories and collect various data from linked social media accounts.

All in all, it sounds a little sketchy in terms of privacy. Even though they start with a no-log policy, they cannot truly guarantee privacy with these exceptions.

The company behind VPN Unlimited, KeepSolid Inc., is based out of the US. The US internet user privacy laws are not the strictest ones. Whether VPN Unlimited successfully implements all privacy safeguards is another question.

VPN Unlimited Supported Devices & Browser Extensions

vpn unlimited apps

One of the solid features about VPN Unlimited is that they do offer services across basically any device you could own. It is available across macOS, Linux, Android, iOS, Windows, and even Windows Phone.

Additionally, you can also use the application as a browser extension on Google Chrome, Opera, and Firefox, making it a highly versatile software.

vpn unlimited chrome extension

Finally, you can also use VPN Unlimited directly on your router, NAS, and even streaming services. If there’s one thing this company is doing right, it’s giving users access to services across all possible online platforms.

Servers & Locations

VPN Unlimited is very user-friendly. It’s super easy to use, comes available on several different platforms, and it even has several servers and locations around the world. With over 500 servers and more than 80 locations, interested users shouldn’t have a problem getting connected.

Their servers are located in an array of areas across North America, South America, Europe, Asia, Africa, and the Pacific.

An intuitive feature of theirs is helping you choose the best server based on various factors, such as the workload, streaming services, and torrenting. You can opt for the optimal server, which allows the application to choose the best server for your location and conditions.


Below are a few commonly asked questions that we went ahead and answered for you to jump-start your learning process.

  • Is VPN Unlimited fast?

VPN Unlimited does claim that their high numbers of servers and locations allow them to keep up incredibly fast speeds; however, their speed is just okay. It works fine in some locations, but other areas may have difficulty reaching their normal speeds.

In case you are looking for a constant high-speed VPN connection without any exceptions, you may have a look to VPN Unlimited Personal VPN Servers. It’s available for $28.99 per month.

vpn unlimited personal vpn server
  • Is VPN Unlimited useful for unblocking streaming services?
vpnunlimited streaming

VPN Unlimited does put a significant focus on unblocking streaming services that don’t allow for encrypted IP addresses. They have ten specific servers in place that offer “highly secure” areas to unblock all of the popular video streaming sites and applications.

We’ve also found that VPN Unlimited is one of the best VPN services for unblocking Netflix. So, if that’s your goal, this may be a decent choice.

  • Does VPN Unlimited support torrents and P2P file sharing?

This application does allow for torrenting and file sharing, but only on person to person basis. Their reasoning behind this decision is that their application is not designed for torrent downloading, but online security.

They also state that their team has had to compromise speed in order to tolerate torrenting, which isn’t ideal. Legal use of P2P file sharing is allowed, though only on five of their servers.

How much does VPN Unlimited cost? Is there a free version?

vpn unlimited pricing

Users can choose from a few different plans when they sign up for VPN Unlimited. At its basics, the company offers a 3-year plan that, at the time of this review, costs $99.99 for five devices and $149.99 for ten devices. These are sales prices, so we can probably expect them to change at some point.

Likewise, the lifetime plan is also currently listed at sales prices of $199.99 for five devices and $299.99 for ten devices.

If you’re not ready to subscribe for that long, you can also pay by the month for $9.99, or $5 per month for a total $59.99 yearly plan. Their website does not promote any kind of free plan.

What are their advanced features?

As we mentioned earlier, along with the basic VPN security features, you also get VPN Unlimited’s Malware Detection software, DNS Firewall. This feature will filter out any potentially harmful websites that might try to access your information.

They also use a Kill Switch feature, which is an extra safety measure that will automatically disable your internet connection if your VPN connection cuts out.

Unlimited browser extensions, included ping tests, and dark mode, are just a few other advanced features you can gain access to.


While some VPN Unlimited features are pretty good – for instance, their unblocking for streaming services, their various locations, and their plan options – there are also a few problem areas that make VPN Unlimited stand out as a bit of a question.

They claim that they’re a no-log service, but their statements about the data they do collect and use bring uncertainty. This makes amount of actual privacy questionable.