4.2 / 5.0
  • Jurisdiction: Seychelles
  • Advanced Privacy Features: –
  • Number of Servers and Countries: 80 Servers in 22 Countries
  • Streaming and P2P: Yes

The 21st century has seen so many major developments; however, the emergence of the Internet as a genuinely world-beating platform has got to be the biggest one by far. Pretty much every aspect of our lives can play out online these days, and that is a key reason why VPNs – or Virtual Private Networks – have become so popular. Whether you want increased privacy, or simply the ability to watch things like US Netflix, a VPN is perfect. VPNTunnel is a service that has been operating for more than a decade now, read on for a VPNTunnel review exploring its many features.

About VPNTunnel

VPNTunnel was established all the way back in 2009 and is part of a company , which is also responsible for some other highly regarded VPN services such as FrootVPN and BoxPN. VPNTunnel operates with the jurisdiction of Seychelles, due to the fact that this country’s privacy laws are strong, something that means VPNTunnel can ensure that their services are as private and secure as possible.

As for the company behind VPNTunnel, they are are also responsible for a plethora of other VPN providers, and generally, the reviews are very favourable. The only slight concern here is that it isn’t the easiest thing to find out much information about the company itself. However, there have been complimentary VPNTunnel reviews and other positive reviews of their services, so we really don’t think it is anything to be too worried about.

VPNTunnel features

One of the first things that customers will notice about VPNTunnel is the incredibly slick and simple website or app design, something that makes it incredibly easy to use, unlike some other more complex VPN providers. Moreover, VPNTunnel also supports several different VPN protocols, such as OpenVPN, Stunnel, IPSec IKEv2, L2TP/IPSec, PPTP. This is great news for users that crave a bit of flexibility with their VPN services.

Additionally, as you will see in other VPNTunnel reviews, the provider is very proud of its ability to offer a 10 GBPS uplink that provides ultra-fast connectivity speeds that rival some of the big players on the market such as NordVPN or ExpressVPN.

Is VPNTunnel fast?

As has already been mentioned, VPNTunnel seems to have been designed with speed in mind, and due to the 10 GBPS uplink they are in the perfect position to offer some seriously competitive connection speeds. VPNTunnel have 80 different servers in 22 countries, which is a great number of options and will ensure that customers can find the exact level of connectivity that they desire.

VPNTunnel also allows 5 simultaneous connections, and as far as our tests have gone this does not impact the connectivity speed whatsoever.

Which devices are supported by VPNTunnel?

These days a reputable VPN provider simply has to cater for a wide range of different devices, so it was fantastic to see that VPNTunnel supports Windows, Android, iOS, Mac and even Linux, as well as many more. VPNTunnel also has a dedicated and completely customisable app for Windows, Android and Linux, although this feature is currently lacking for Mac OS. Never fear though, Mac users, as we are sure that VPNTunnel are going to expand into this soon.

It is rare to see a VPN provider that can support devices from Mac to Playstation, all the way through to broadband routers and even archaic systems like Windows XP – a definite positive!

VPNTunnel streaming support

There is a considerable portion of VPN users in the 21st century that are only really using these services in order to access streaming sites such as US Netflix, and as other VPNTunnel reviews will tell you, this is all possible using the TunnelVPN service. Customers have not had any trouble bypassing the firewalls on US Netflix, iPlayer, Amazon, Hulu or many other streaming services.

For this reason, VPNTunnel is amongst the leaders in streaming site VPNs, as they can unblock pretty much every single one.

What is the price of VPNTunnel?

With the price of VPNTunnel starting at as low as $2.99 a month for an annual subscription it is also one of the cheapest options currently on the market, which is great when you also factor in its fantastic connectivity speed and support of a range of different devices.

$2.99 a month is a lot cheaper than some of the competitors like NordVPN; however, these providers do tend to have a much wider array of potential servers and server locations. This is only really important for experienced and avid VPN users, so it shouldn’t matter much for VPNTunnel.

VPNTunnel user comments

“Maybe these other people who are having trouble with their connections, ought to read the directions? This would also include checking with your local jurisdictions laws regarding encryption and anonymization and vpn use. I have had no issues what so ever. I have the app on all of my mobile devices and all 12 of my desktops. not to mention I also use it on the wifi itself, and on my meraki,which already has its own vpn.. All it takes is just to read the directions, and VOILA! I have never had an issue with login or my passwords none.”

“I have had absolutely zero issues with this service. Good upload and download speed. I use it for watching Swedish TV, some torrenting and also for kodi. I have it installed on my PC, laptop android tablet and Macbook. The application is simple to use. I originally purchased a one month trial, liked it and I am now purchasing my second year subscription. I pay with paypal and have had no recurring payment requests.”

“I use it for several years. In general, good connection in Asia, Europe, South America and sometimes even impressive speeds. No kill switch to my knowledge: I had the problem a few times … Not very expensive.”


VPNTunnel is definitely one of the best cheap VPN services, mainly because of its high speeds, dedicated customer privacy and ability to unblock a wide range of sites on a wide range of devices.