Best VPN for Roku

Roku is one of the most popular options for streaming video on TV. By getting a VPN for Roku, you can access location restricted material to watch on your streaming services like Netflix, Disney +, HBO Max, and Hulu. Opening up this new content can give you a lot more things to enjoy. 

A VPN can increase the value of your Roku entertainment by giving you more options to use. You can also bypass network restrictions, avoid provider throttling, and add security to your whole network. A VPN can make your Roku experience better.

The Verdict: Best VPN for Roku 

After reviewing some of the best VPN for Roku options, we chose the one that worked the best for us. It offers plenty of features that will give you a better Roku experience. There are also a few runners-up that did an outstanding job for Roku VPN. 

Best Overall: ExpressVPN  


ExpressVPN lets you choose servers in the most locations, 160 unique places, in 94 different countries. All these options give you access to a bunch of new content. 

ExpressVPN has high-speed and reliable connections. Their server speed test allows you to find the best ways to connect to these networks so that you can stream your media in high quality. 

They offer routers that come pre-configured for their VPN so you can connect your Roku easily, and they offer support that can help you set up your router with their VPN. 

It is a good VPN service that can connect to your Roku and other devices easily. It gives excellent security and privacy. In our opinion, ExpressVPN is the best VPN for your Roku. 

Runner-Up: NordVPN


NordVPN is our pick for runner-up for VPN. It offers users connections to some of the most popular streaming libraries out there. It consistently scores very high in speed tests so that you will be able to stream without interruption. 

It doesn’t offer as many countries as ExpressVPN, but it’s high speed makes it a useful service as long as it gives you a connection in the country you want to use. You can use 5,000 servers in 59 countries. 

It has a great reputation for safety and privacy, so it can be trusted to keep your Roku secure. It also offers split tunneling so you can avoid network and 3rd party restrictions.  

NordVPN is a good alternative to ExpressVPN, especially if it offers you the streaming shows you want to watch on your Roku. 

Runner-Up: CyberGhost 


CyberGhost, which refers to their customers as Ghosties, offers many servers and countries to access the internet. Their 89 countries allow you to use a bunch of geo-restricted content. 

One of the best features of CyberGhost for your Roku is the option to search for servers based on activity. You can find dedicated streaming servers in many different countries. These servers help you use your Roku at its best.

CyberGhost gives your Roku substantial protection and security. The VPN prides itself on keeping your information private.  

We believe that CyberGhost is a great runner-up to ExpressVPN. As long as it has servers in the location you want, you will be able to watch your shows on Roku in top quality with high speeds.  

Four Ways to Setup VPN on Roku 

Using a VPN on Roku can be more complicated than using it with some other devices. Currently, there is no Roku VPN app, and it won’t work with Smart DNS. There are still options to connect your VPN to the device. This section will show you how to use a VPN on Roku.

Keep in mind that if you plan to change your location with the VPN, you will need a Roku account with the new area. You can return your Roku to factory settings and then make an account in the place your VPN uses. 

1. Hotspot

Connecting your Roku to a hotspot can allow the Roku to use the VPN. You open your VPN app and log in on your phone. Then when you connect your Roku to your hotspot’s network. Your Roku is now connected to your VPN.

This method is pretty easy to do, but it can cause you problems, especially if your hotspot requires mobile data to work. You want to be careful that you don’t go over your data limits if you decide to use this method.   

2. Router

Putting a VPN on your router directly will provide the VPN on not only your Roku but also every other device connected to the network. To use this method, you have to make sure that your router and your VPN are compatible. Most VPNs offer lists of what routers come preloaded for that company. 

If the router comes pre-configured for the VPN, you will have to log in to your router and log in to the VPN you use. Then you can connect your Roku to the router, and it will be using the VPN.

If it is a VPN ready router without your specific VPN, the exact process to connect your router will change depending on the company. However, there are some similarities between devices. You will have to log on to your router settings and download firmware for the VPN. 

Then you will have to log in to both your VPN and your router and activate the VPN. This step is also where you will pick your location. Now your router is connected to the VPN. All you have to do is connect your Roku to your router, and you are all set. 

For your specific router’s directions, the troubleshooting section on your VPN and router site will give full step-by-step instructions. Most of the VPNs also have customer support that can help you if you run into trouble. 

Connecting your router to your VPN only counts as one device. Even if it connects to every device in your house, you only need a VPN connection to use it. You don’t have to worry about how many devices your VPN service allows when you connect to your router.   

3. Virtual Router

A virtual router is a network you set up on your computer. It works like a hotspot you create from your desktop or laptop. To do this, download the VPN app for your operating system and log in to your account. 

For Windows, you have to see if your computer can do this. Open Command Prompt. Type “netsh wlan show drivers” in the command line and look for the section that says Hosted Network Support. If it says yes, you can create a virtual router.

To start the virtual router, go back to the command line and type in “netsh wlan set hostednetwork mode=allow ssid= key=”. You can change the network name and password on this page. Press enter once you have made the change.  

When you have done that, go back to the command line and type “netsh wlan start hostednetwork”. Finally, you have to go to your connection settings and right-click on the new network. Choose to allow other users to connect to this network. 

Then go to your Roku and connect it to the new virtual network by choosing the network and putting in the password. Now you are all set. 

For Mac, you have to connect to the internet with an ethernet cord. Then log in to your VPN on the computer. Go to Sharing and choose to share to computers using Wi-Fi. Then you will have to name the network and make a password for it.

It will prompt you to make sure that you can share the connection. Click start when it asks. After that, go to your Roku and log into the new network using the password you created. Now you have your VPN on your Roku. 

4. Screencast From Your Phone or Tablet 

You can connect your device to a VPN and then use the Roku app to stream from your device to the TV. This connection will let you see all the shows that are available using your VPN on your Roku. 

This solution will only work with Roku apps you can cast from your phone. If you have apps on the Roku, you can’t access with your phone. They will use your regular network.  

What Makes a Good VPN for Roku 

Many features go into a good VPN for Roku. The device needs a VPN that can stream at high speeds all the time. It also helps if it can work with your router. Being able to connect to the locations you want to stream from is also essential.

Here are some of the most important things to consider when you are searching for a VPN for Roku tv

  • Speed
  • Router compatibility
  • Reliable streaming
  • Locations
  • Split tunneling
  • Security


When picking your VPN, you want to find one that offers super-fast speeds. It needs to be able to maintain these speeds and not drop the connection. You want to stream in HD, and you don’t want the video constantly buffering or dropping. 

If you can, check the speeds in the locations, you want to stream from at times you will be streaming. Seeing the server’s speeds at these times can let you know if the VPN will work for your needs.

Router Compatibility

Using your router to add a VPN to your Roku is one of the best ways to connect it. Getting a VPN that will connect to your router easily is a great feature. The VPN will list which routers it can use. 

Many routers can be configured to VPNs. Some of these routers will come pre-configured to the VPN you get. Others will have to download firmware, and you might have to connect them manually to use the VPN on the router. You can go to your VPNs website and see what the specific process is to connect your router. 

Reliable Streaming

Some VPNs focus on their streaming. They can have specific servers dedicated to streaming. These servers maximize speed and stability to make steaming better. 

It is nice to find a VPN that offers a streaming server in the country you want to use the most. The more servers they offer in that location, the more stable your connection will be. Multiple servers in that place will help give you a better Roku experience.


Finding a VPN that opens up the most different geo-restricted libraries can be very useful. It will give you the most options to watch movies and tv shows on your Roku. To get the most content, you need to be able to log on from a bunch of different locations. 

If you want a specific show or library, you will also want to make sure that the VPN offers location options in that country. More servers there will help ensure that you can log on in that area and get high speeds. 

Split Tunneling 

Split Tunneling allows you to bypass network restrictions that may stop you from accessing Roku. Third parties may put blocks on specific websites, including Roku and some of the apps you use on Roku. 

Split tunneling gets you past these blocks so you can use your Roku on any network. If you have trouble with blocked content, it can be an essential feature on your VPN.  


Security may not be your first thought when using your Roku. However, you can still give out information about yourself on the internet. A VPN will help you keep your data safe and more private. 

Using a VPN on your router for Roku will also give you and your household all the other safety and utility features. It puts the VPN on all your devices. These connections will help make all your interactions online secure. 

Why Use VPN for Roku 

There are plenty of reasons to use a VPN for Roku. One of the biggest is opening up new content for you to enjoy on your Roku, but that is only scratching the surface. VPNs with your Roku can offer you many features and protections that you don’t usually get. 

Here are just some of the reasons you may want to use a Roku tv VPN. 

  • Access geo-restricted content
  • Avoid ISP throttling
  • Bypass network restrictions
  • Keep your data private

Access Geo-Restricted Content

You will gain access to the media content from the virtual location your VPN uses. This location means that you can be in America watching your favorite anime on Japan’s Netflix library. You can pick your location with your VPN, and you can change it to the library you want to use. 

If you do this, remember that you may also have to make accounts for your Roku from the location your network is located. Changing your Roku account can add an extra step, but it will help you access all the libraries.  

Avoid Service Provider Throttling

Service providers can slow down your connection. They do this to limit the strain on their network. However, it can cause you to buffer your video and watch them in lower quality. 

A VPN can avoid this problem and make sure that you are always getting the fastest possible internet speeds. 

Bypass Network Restrictions 

Sometimes there are network restrictions placed on what you can access. If you are not in control of the network, third parties can limit what you can see and do. A VPN will help you avoid these restrictions and gain access to everything available to your Roku. 

Keep Your Data Private  

VPNs can help you protect a lot of personal data. This information includes your IP address, what shows you are streaming, and possibly even payment methods. VPNs add an extra layer of security and privacy that can keep you safe. 

The Best VPN for Roku 

Here are some of the best VPNs for Roku. All of them offer excellent speeds, lots of locations, and reliable streaming. They also all allow you to connect your VPN to routers. In our opinion, these VPNs can give you some of the best Roku experience. 



NordVPN is a very popular option for connecting your Roku. With access to more than 5,000 servers in over 59 countries, you can connect around the world. It gives you access to many different libraries of streaming content. You will likely be able to find a way to watch the shows you want to see.  

These servers are very fast, which allows you to stream with minimal buffering when using your Roku. You can often use multiple servers per location, so you can find one that gives you top speeds, even during peak use hours. You will avoid ISP slowdowns using this VPN. 

NordVPN doesn’t offer dedicated servers for streaming, but they provide dedicated servers for peer to peer (P2P) downloads. These servers can help keep other servers from getting slowed down. 

You can get past network restrictions with split tunneling that NordVPN offers. This feature means that 3rd-parties can’t control what you view. The VPN is also well respected for its security protocols so that it will protect your data. 

NordVPN recommends Asus routers. Many of these come configured for the VPN out of the box. It requires minimal effort to set up. However, routers from D-Link, Linksys, and Netgear can all work with a firmware download. 

They offer users 24/7 support, so if you have any problem setting up your router to work with your Roku, you can contact them, and they will help you use your NordVPN on Roku. 



Surfshark is a very cost-effective VPN option. With this VPN, you can gain access to 65 countries with over 3,200 servers. They offer multiple servers in all the most sought-after streaming locations, so you should be able to find the libraries you are trying to use. 

The VPN prides itself on its speed and content access. Surfshark talks about a belief that the internet should belong to everyone, and they work hard to keep your access to geo-restricted content available.  

Surfshark allows you to avoid both ISP throttling and network restrictions by 3rd parties. They don’t offer streaming or P2P dedicated servers, but they try to keep the speed up on all their servers by offering multiple connections to busy locations. These locations include the US, the UK, and Japan.

Many routers come pre-configured for Surfshark. InvizBox, Asus, Netgear, and Linksys all offer routers that don’t need firmware. You can also add the firmware to any VPN ready router. It will just take extra steps. 

Surfshark has useful security protocols that help keep your data secure. Once you have it set up on your router, you will have more privacy on your Roku and every other connected device. 



ExpressVPN offers users one of the most extensive server networks by a VPN. You can connect to 94 countries and 160 unique locations. 

With all these different server options, you can use a wide selection of content from all over the world. It gives you many different streaming service libraries to use. 

When you’re trying to figure out what server to use in the location you want, you can run ExpressVPNs speed test to find the best options. By seeing the current speeds, you can always pick a server that will help you achieve your best Roku experience. 

ExpressVPN doesn’t have streaming or P2P servers. Their method for increasing speed is to have more servers. With their speed test, you can check and see the load on the servers you want to use and can pick the fastest options at any moment. 

They offer split tunneling to avoid network restrictions so you can access everything available on your Roku.

Linksys, Asus, and Netgear all have router options that come ready for ExpressVPN. Other VPN enabled routers can also use ExpressVPN. You just have to download the firmware for them. 

ExpressVPN has 24/7 support, and you can talk to a real person if you have any troubles with setup. They can help ensure you’ll be able to use ExpressVPN on Roku.  



CyberGhost is a VPN that started with a mission to help you protect your privacy on the internet. Doing that also enables you to gain access to many different content libraries on all the top streaming services that Roku offers. 

You can connect to over 6,900 servers in over 89 different countries. CyberGhost offers streaming servers. The servers maximize speed for streaming while still offering security and privacy. 

You can search all the servers based on the activities that you are trying to enjoy. This ability helps make sure that you can watch your streaming services in high quality. You can also pull up servers for gaming and P2P. 

Since CyberGhost specializes in security and privacy, you know you will be able to keep your Roku information safe. It avoids 3rd party restrictions with split tunneling, so you don’t have to worry about network blocks. 

There are Netgear, Linksys, and Asus routers that have CyberGhost built-in. They can be set up with the VPN very quickly and easily. You can configure any VPN available router to work with CyberGhost, but it may take a little longer to set it up. 

CyberGhost’s access to streaming specific servers makes it a reliable option to use with your Roku. It offers a very respectable number of locations so you should find what you want to watch. 



PrivateInternetAccess (PIA) offers its users the most servers of any VPN in this review. Over 29,000 servers connect you to 77 countries. The amount of servers allows you to get an excellent connection to any place you want to use. 

You will be able to access media content from any of the libraries available in the 77 countries on your Roku device. It should give you access to the shows and events you are looking for in many different places. 

There are no dedicated streaming servers for PIA, but the number of servers they offer should allow you to find an option that will stream without interruption or buffering. A lot of these servers are connected to the most popular streaming libraries to keep those connections fast.

PIA gives users a lot of protection on the internet. They use great security protocols that help keep your information private. Once you set up the VPN, you will have more privacy and security to stay safe on the internet.

PIA offers a few different routers that come preloaded for their VPN. These routers include Netgear, Asus, and Linksys. You can connect your VPN to these routers in just a few moments. You can also use any VPN ready router, but you have to download the PIA program. 

Using PIA on Roku gives your device extra functionality. You gain a lot of servers to access your favorite content. 

A Free VPN for Roku 

There are a lot of companies that offer free VPNs. These sound great, and some things work well on free VPNs. However, connecting to your Roku is not one of these things. Most free options have data and speed restrictions.

The data restriction can be tough to get past. If you connect your VPN to your router, that means whenever it is on, it is using up your data limit for everything you do in the house. It would use up your data very quickly. 

On top of limited data, there are often speed restrictions. These speed throttles make it really hard to stream video, which is most of what you will be doing with Roku. Even the fastest VPNs put limits on their free options. 

The other problem is that some free VPNs don’t always protect your data. Recently seven free VPNs were caught leaking data logs that they shouldn’t have. It is a great example of the risks of free VPNs. 

These restrictions and security issues make it very hard to find a free VPN for Roku. You can find useful cheap options but probably not free.


VPN for Roku may take a few extra steps to connect, but it will help you enjoy your Roku experience more. It opens up whole new libraries of geo-restricted content for you to enjoy on your device. It adds security, increases internet speed, and avoids 3rd party restrictions. 

If you want to get the most out of your Roku, a VPN can help you with that. If you connect your VPN to your router, not only does your Roku gain the bonuses of VPNs, but all your other devices also gain the protection. 

All of the VPNs reviewed here offer great features that can work with your Roku. Our favorite is Express VPN, but you can use any VPN that provides connections to the libraries you want to access the most. Once you connect your VPN, enjoy all your new Roku viewing options.