Technology – What Age is Too Young?

It’s not news that technology continues to leave a major impact on our daily lives. But sometimes it’s the little things that make us stop and actually realize this.

A video of a one year-old attempting to use a magazine as an iPad has recently gone viral on the web. As of this post, there were over 100 comments on the video. People shared why they thought the toddler’s advance use of technology is awesome. While others commented that the toddler’s easy use of technology is scary because it’s all she will ever know.

But this is the world in which we live in. Technology is becoming a part of our lives at a younger age. Take a moment to Google “babies playing with iPads” and you’ll see a slew of results. And there are also a number of children’s games developed specifically for the iPad. Parents have also found that the iPad is a great way to simulate their children.

While everyone has a different opinion on if children should be exposed to technology while young, we think it’s a great opportunity to start children on the path to careers in science, technology, engineering and math (STEM). For instance, children who are exposed to video games and actively play them while growing up may very well become the next generation of engineers and animators of the video gaming industry. A child accustomed to using technology devices since birth, may choose a career path as a technology innovator.

With the appropriate exposure to technology and the proper foundation of STEM education, the opportunities are endless. So next time you see a baby playing with its parents smartphone, don’t think that society is doomed. Just imagine, that child may be the Steve Jobs of their generation!

Do you have any thoughts on children using technology? Share your thoughts in the comment section. We would enjoy your feedback.

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