The 10 Best VPN Locations For Cheap Flights (Update 2023)

The benefits of VPNs are known and pretty obvious. The two key areas where VPNs can enhance your browsing experience are security and privacy. 

By hiding your IP address and hence your identity from your internet service provider and the sites you visit, you remain more secure and anonymous.

By being anonymous online, your geographical location also becomes an unknown. 

Using a premier product VPN to hide your location and selecting a server located in many lower-income and developing countries makes it easy to find and take advantage of cheaper dollar-based airfares and save a buck or two on your next flight tickets.

Best VPN Locations For Cheap Flights

The 10 Cheapest Countries for Airfares

  1. Philippines
  2. Singapore
  3. Malaysia
  4. Sri Lanka
  5. Australia
  6. India
  7. Portugal
  8. New Zealand
  9. Thailand
  10. Hong Kong

One of the benefits of using a VPN to hide your identity and, therefore, your location is that you can take advantage of lower-priced airfares in countries that offer cheaper travel, even for the same ticket. 

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How Do Travel Booking Agencies Determine Ticket Prices?

Suppose you think airfares are determined based only on supply and demand, such as cheaper off-peak seasonal tourism discounts. 

In that case, you may be very surprised to learn that numerous factors influence air ticket pricing, and these factors are mostly impossible to predict. 

Airline ticket prices fluctuate constantly. These airfares can change weekly, daily, and even hourly based on factors such as fuel prices, currency conversion rates, and availability of travel routes which are often affected by world events such as political stability and conflict.

Due to this volatility, it becomes difficult to honor advertised pricing for flights to customers who normally book their flights weeks or even months in advance to take advantage of discounted ticket prices. 

For this reason, most airlines and travel agencies make use of flight price indices to hedge against negative price fluctuations.

Will A VPN Help Find Cheaper Tickets?

Will A VPN Help Find Cheaper Tickets?

Whether you book your tickets through a travel booking agency or with the airline itself, it’s worth noting that all these organizations make use of sophisticated algorithms to set airline ticket prices.

Prices are based, among other factors, on the countries or regions from where these tickets are booked. It is how they manipulate the market to drive up demand and boost their profits.

There are several methods that can be employed to find cheaper flights, one of the most popular and effective is the use of a VPN. Your IP address reveals your country’s location to the agency or booking office. 

These agencies are well aware of a country’s local pricing and what fees they can set without pricing themselves out of the market. 

It is how they maximize their profits yet still manage to remain competitive. One way to disguise your location is by making use of a VPN.

A VPN acts as a virtual proxy allowing you to browse anonymously from any country where your VPN service provider has a server. 

To the booking agent, it looks like you are browsing from the VPN server’s location. It also blocks their ability to track your personal data or to plant browsing cookies. 

Lower-income countries usually charge lower fares for the same flights booked from a higher-income country.

What To Look For When Travelling Cheap?

What To Look For When Travelling Cheap?

It suffices to say that you should choose a premium VPN service provider that offers servers located in countries that offer cheaper tickets. 

Many of the cheaper flights can be found in countries in the middle east where oil and fuel are abundant and hence far cheaper to procure. 

Be flexible with your flight times and durations. You’re not bound to find a flight that ticks all your boxes in terms of convenience and comfort. Moreover, you may need to consider at least two or three hops to your destination. 

And you will probably be expected to spend some time in airport lounges in the middle of the night. Accept layovers if possible.

Flying during the week, especially Tuesdays, tends to be the cheapest. Consider two one-way flights if it helps lower the prices. Try working with dates further out than public holidays.

Airlines cut costs by excluding all the extras we typically take for granted. Try to take any extras such as in-flight Wifi access, baggage limits, legroom, and pre-ordered meals into consideration.

Those costs can add up quickly. These can drive up the costs considerably.

Countries Where You Will Find The Best Value For Money

Countries Where You Will Find The Best Value For Money

Before firing up your VPN to your country of choice, consider the metrics used to calculate the price of airline tickets. 

If you are planning to pay for your flight in US Dollars, then the price can be determined using the simple $US per 100 mi by air principle. In other words, how many dollars will you need to fork out for every 100 mi traveled?

Asian countries tend to be the cheapest in US Dollar terms. Furthermore, competition forces airlines to lower their prices to attract local customers who generally have far less buying power and are less able to afford non-essential travel fares. 

Even relative middle-income earners in countries such as China or India may not be able to afford airfares that appear cheap to residents of other countries.

Monaco is the priciest country for airfares, followed by Greenland, which is typically less than half as expensive as Monaco. Other high-cost countries for travel include Hungary, North Korea, and Venezuela.

The cheapest tend to be in Asian countries such as Singapore, Malaysia, and the Philippines.

Low-cost carriers make up the majority of the aviation market here, rendering competition tight, resulting in downward pressure on airfares.


Using a premium VPN service is an excellent investment. It makes it quite easy to take advantage of lower airfares in countries where the US dollar exchange rate is favorable.  

Apart from that, the competition is also tighter. This is forcing airline companies and travel brokers to offer cheaper flights than in higher-income countries typically in the west.

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